Jan 20 2015


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Jan 20 2015

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The difference between me and you is that I’m eating left over Mexican for lunch.
Regardless of your situation, I win.

Jan 16 2015

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Heli circling leith in the dark can’t be good news… :/

Jan 14 2015

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I found some old photos knocking about, and realised it would be fun to upload them for various young fire-brands. So here’s a little Sean Robertson, pished after his Grandma’s birthday party. A tiny Hector Mario Thomson looking more than a little perturbed at playgroup and a dinky Magnus MacDaid very excited at being allowed to have a REALLY big sparkler. Have fun guys, and think what a total dick I’d be if we WEREN’T mates :D

Jan 14 2015

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I have a voucher for hellofresh.co.uk
It’s a £25 card that you can use as a discount off your first order. The concept is they send you a box of ingredients and recipes each week. I don’t intend to maintain a subscription (I’ll cancel once my first order arrives), but I’ve used one card to get me a fat discount off that one box. Thing is, they only allow one card per household, so I can’t do this stunt twice.

Anyone fancy it? Free to a good home.

Jan 14 2015

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Post-exam-boozage was awesome. This morning I have post-post-exam-boozage-syndrome.

Jan 13 2015

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“What the fuck?! How long has THAT been there?”
“Like….five months…?”
“Right! New flat rule! Every time you guys set up a new wifi access point you TELL EVERYONE.”

Jan 13 2015

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With any luck, this should be my final day of uni (for this degree, at least). Exam this morning, lunch with Hannah , then home for boozage. Mmm. Post exam boozage.

Jan 09 2015

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Astonishingly, sometimes I make decisions based on experience, knowledge, nous and clinical judgment. Surprise!

Jan 08 2015

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Fifty shades of green: a woman has a clandestine affair with a paramedic who is too fucked after his shift to do anything sexually adventurous and always falls asleep in front of the telly.

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