Nov 24 2014

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Stranded in Doha

Nov 23 2014

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Race day!!!
Best team in the world

Nov 18 2014

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Every summer I go to Benelux. Every autumn I go to Abu Dhabi. This autumn I’m eating Benelux food in Abu Dhabi.

Nov 13 2014

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Bye bye rain and wind and cold! See you in ten days :D

Nov 08 2014

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For the record, I absolutely did not just get out of the shower, bend over to dry my feet and burn my bare arse on the towel rail. Just so’s we’re all clear on that.

Nov 07 2014

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Ahhh, the calming influence that comes from deciding you’ve had enough of someone’s endless bigotry, racism and casual aggression towards others on Facebook…unfriending feels so good.

Nov 05 2014

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Sneaking into Kate and Sean’s room to get NG feed stuff, sneaky as fuck me, total sneaky super squirrel. Except when I accidentally pulled the doors off the wardrobe. That was less sneaky.
Are SORT still hiring members for the TAC-Med team?

Nov 05 2014

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I need someone to help me make up a mnemonic so I can remember how to spell maneouvures. Manoevures. Manuoevures.
You see the problem…

Oct 31 2014

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Man berating his kid who slipped and fell in McDonalds. Not talking to the kid, but talking about him to the rest of the family in derogatory, dismissive, isolating manner including vague threats of cancelling future plans. Then saying to kid “I don’t see why you’re grumpy with me…I never made you slip.”
I think I can guess why he’s grumpy, mate, its probably because you’re an emotionally manipulative prick.

Oct 27 2014

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Sean and Louis are trying to find a costume in the dressing up box. Louis has found a hat with fruit on it. Sean has found two coconut halves.

It would be bad to send him to school dressed as Carmen Miranda, right? Right?

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