Jan 13 2011

Unique Door Furniture

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As requested by Linda, this stair gate is in the middle of town and makes me smile every time I see it, I love the transition from negative to positive leaves as the sculpture (and I maintain this is more art than function) stretches up high.

I wonder who lives there…

Dec 13 2010

Worship with attitude

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Touring a temple in Bali we were met by a group of high schoolers on their way to a ceremony. A lot of them laughed and blushed as I raised my camera to get a shot of their finery. This young woman was having none of their bashfulness and showed her rock spirit.

Jul 16 2010

Broom Sunset

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*long exhale*

A week of, frankly, horrendous jobs – some of which I’ve told you about, others must stay under wraps for a while.

Let’s all look at the pretty flowers and the sun and sea and think about being somewhere lovely.


Jun 22 2010


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The last photo I posted just cos was in March.


Shocking. So, here, have a nice picture of Scarlet, in a churchyard in Inverness, with some lovely sunshine and long shadows and a tree.


Much nicer than smashed up people and our current game of death themed “Would ya rather…?”

Mar 02 2010

Happy faces

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Meh, fuck it. Too much angst and tooth gnashing around here. The sun is shining and a woman in Greece just fixed all my iPhone worries.

Have me, O and N, kicking it happy-style.

Feb 25 2010

Steppin’ Out

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Jen wears her work.

Another shot from this series.

Jan 20 2010

Little Red Tombstone.

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You cold, little tombstone?

Jan 04 2010

Roses and Crypts

Tag: PhotosKal @ 5:31 pm

This autumn I was asked to shoot a friend’s art installation in Inverness. A mass Yarnbombing, they wrapped trees and gravestones in bright red wool, carpeted tombs, hung ethereal ball gowns from the ceiling. I’ve only just finished editting the entire shoot – you’ll be seeing more of these.

Dec 28 2009


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Off camera flash rocks my world.

Dec 07 2009

Paediatric Resus

Tag: PhotosKal @ 3:43 pm

Not quite what’s normally meant, but you’re never too young to learn a little prehospital airway management. Lesson 1: equipment familiarisation.

A photo for anyone who’s ever had their hand cramp up sucking endless crap out of someone’s mouth, while leaning to the left to avoid the “overflow” scooshing out and covering your uniform.

Off downstairs for coffee and writing now.

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