Jun 18

For Sewmouse

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Sewmouse wanted the inside of a nee-naw.

Duly taken.

This is the back of an “Urgent Tier” vehicle, it handles medical cases and GP calls for transport. Crewed by a paramedic and a blue-light-trained Care Assistant.

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5 Responses to “For Sewmouse”

  1. Nickopotamus says:

    Works better on black. But awesome shot none the less.


  2. Sewmouse says:

    Well now – that’s a regular little Emergency Room Cubicle on wheels there! All the gear so shiney and new-looking, I would be horribly embarassed to bleed or puke all over it!


  3. Clare says:

    Hey! One of the new bags. I hated them.


  4. Metamor4sis says:



  5. Adam says:

    Is this the vauxhall model?
    We are getting these for front line A&E in september!
    Personally hate them


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