Jun 18

For Sewmouse

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Who requested “The silliest thing in your flat.”

I introduce you to the Cubby of Kitsch, a collection of ephemera and trash; each with a story.

Top shelf, far left – a tile from my parent’s house; its a solid chunk of childhood nostalgia.

In front of the tile – a chunk of firework housing from a shell that exploded low. This triangle of debris spun through the air and caught me *chung* in the visor I thankfully had lowered over my face.

To the right – 1950s cocktail shaker, a present from an old friend on my 18th birthday.

To the right, a plastic Greek soldier called Stavros – he used to be the dashboard ornament on my first car.

To the right, a wee plastic boat. The two funnels pop out and are in fact salt and pepper shakers.

To the right, microscope – belonged to my uncle and started me out with an interest in life sciences.

To the right, FiFi, the award for an annual quiz held up in the Highlands.

Bottom shelf left to right.

Magic 8 ball.

Fifi’s puppy, whose name I forget. I’m meant to be dressing them up as Edinburgh neds and returning them.

Terrible pirate head made from a chunk of coconut husk. Brought back from someone’s holiday. I love shit souvenirs.

Tiny wee figure I made in high school. I took pottery classes for a while, spent most of my time there resenting the other kids, so made a wee pissed off manny.

Terrible cheap knife in bejeweled scabbard. The scabbard has a wanking wizard on it. I think Giles brought this home for me from the Dominican Republic.

Jaws of something…again, belonging to the science uncle.

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2 Responses to “For Sewmouse”

  1. Cadbury Moose says:

    Ah yes, the ‘Low Break” pyrotechnic shell, we hates it, we do.

    The most ‘interesting’ one I can recall was an 8″ (200mm) shell where
    the mortar split at launch (it looked like a _huge_ tuppeny banger
    afterwards, with the middle blown out) due to it being buried on what
    turned out to be a warehouse in a shallow grave – opposite the SECC.

    Basically, the starse came down and *bounced*, and the crew were
    inside the “shower”. Hard hats are good, even though nobody got hit.

    Rockets, on the other hoof… this moose does *NOT* like rockets at all.




  2. Metamor4sis says:

    Silliest? Sentimental?


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