Jul 07

“Show you mine if you show me yours.”

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The quality on this is a bit shonky, apologies, the big version is on the big computer which is in Edinburgh. I’m currently not in Edinburgh, I’m at my parents’ house in Engerland.

I’ve just bought a sexay new flash for my camera, which will operate a second flash wirelessly.

Which means I can take pictures like this one. One day I’ll use it to take interesting, arty shots. Right now, though, I’m using it to make Dan look like he has a meteoric winky.

8 Responses to ““Show you mine if you show me yours.””

  1. Aled says:

    Good god, the sun really -does- shine out of his ass!


  2. Plaid-Shirt Pyrate says:

    would this be an “off-label use”?


  3. FireMom says:

    What else would you do with such a fun toy upon first use? Is there anything else as wonderful? Not at all.


  4. Cadbury Moose says:

    Aled @1 – Bah! You beat this moose to it, I was going to post: “Dan demonstrates solar power by putting photocells down his underpants.”

    Too late now, though.




  5. Piper says:

    Thanks for making me smile at the end of a really bad day.


  6. Sewmouse says:

    His winky has a “Laser”, shooting a “Laser Beam”. No wonder his friend is grabbing his head in pain.


  7. Miss Wazz says:

    This made me laugh ….. but why has Dan got the “beardy weidry” thing going on? He’s far sexier without it!


  8. Lucy says:

    I like the meteoric winky. What are the chances you would be around to catch that shot at just the right moment?!


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