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The Handover Blog Carnival – July 09

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When I was asked to host The Handover for July, I chose the theme “A Pivotal Moment”.

It must be said that I was thinking more in terms of writing, than medicine. I occasionally refer to the “Trauma Queen Twist”, the moment in a Thrilling Installment when I hopefully illustrate just how nasty things have gone. I love watching people read my stories, I love watching them hit the twist.

Ha. I’m a sadistic writer, check me out.

The writers that submitted, however, have each taken their own view on “A Pivotal Moment”. There’s some fine writing here, folks.


MedicThree glosses over details and brings us right to the crux of many a paramedic’s worst call.

The dispatcher gives directions to a rather infamous intersection on the edge of my little county.

This is StandBy For Tones.

ManchMedic reminds us all that the fanciest toys in the motor are no protection against a patient going downhill if what you really need is time.

“She had no blood pressure to speak of. I think I picked up a systolic in the 60’s, but I couldn’t be sure.”

This is Beyond Our Control.

The Insomniac Medic reflects on a straight forward job that changes someone else’s life forever.

Mum must have forgotten to turn the lounge lights off.

This is All Change.

Medic999‘s harrowing story illustrates the fact that any call can turn around on you. Sometimes, when nobody’s dying in front of you and you’re sighing and tapping your foot, you’ve got a patient in real need standing in front of you.

Whilst Rahim is speaking on the phone, he starts to weep. His muscular frame suddenly crumples and he seems far from the strong and imposing man that I saw when I walk into the room.

This is True Asylum.

Michael Morse of Rescuing Provident writes about arguably the greatest pivotal moment for public safety personnel in the past century.

Never forget that every time we put our gear on the truck we honor the memory of the 343 firefighters who died while doing their job six years ago.

This is Never Forget.

The Happy Medic took the theme of “A Pivotal Moment” and took it literally – he’s all geared up for a fight and social reform. Good lad! Right behind you.

Wish me luck gentle readers, I’m taking on the entrenched Old Ways and I intend to win!

This is That Does It, I’m Changing This Thing.

CK from Life Under The Lights nails the issue of emotions and humour in prehospital care better than most. If you want to understand why your paramedic friend/partner/colleague reacts oddly to you when you’re sick, or when you hear about some awful calamity happening to someone else. You should read this.

Don’t these sound like good calls? They were. Yep, they were sad and I felt very bad for the people that were involved. Good calls though. What’s for lunch?

This is Splashed Sadness.

Mack505 writes Notes from Mosquito Hill and recounts a story we’ve all seen. Here, though, its a small town with no chance of anonymity. He handles it with grace and deference.

Joe was a local boy and knew all of this. The accident investigation would reveal Joe’s car was going almost 60 MPH when it left the ground.”

This is Sunrise and CISD

Which brings this edition of the Handover to an end – next month is going home to be hosted by Medic999. Swing by and take a look at his concept – “Your First Ever Emergency Call.

Submissions in by August 24th, please.

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  1. Medicblog999 says:

    Hi Kal, Great edition.
    Thanks for hosting. I like the style of quoting from the posts submitted. I may have to ‘borrow’ that idea!!

    Welcome to the new editions to the Handover also, its great to have you on board!!


  2. the Happy Medic says:

    THnaks for hosting Kal. Great stuff! Welcome new contributors as well.


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  4. medicthree says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Great writing, folks.


  5. sarah says:

    Thank you for making me count my blessings
    and thank you to all the bloggers for the wonderfull work that they do


  6. Walt Trachim says:

    This was another excellent Handover. Thanks for getting mine in there, Kal – as always, it’s an honor to be included among some of the finest writers I know of.


  7. Johndog says:

    Thanks mate, great variety. Few writing for a book deal, few being real.


  8. Ckemtp - Life Under the Lights says:

    We can get book deals from blogging? Really? Holy crap! I’ll bet that pays better than being a medic!


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