Aug 28


Tag: AmbulanceKal @ 2:03 pm

I’m sitting at lights when the poppa-poppa of a Harley behind me makes me look round. Sitting astride is Squaddie, grinning at me.

“I heard you were out and about. Nice legs…”

The lights change and he rumbles off into the distance, I catch him at the next junction.

“I thought the bike was meant to be fast?”

“Not on the open road, mate!”

“You working Monday day shift?”


“I’m on the motorbike response unit. Bet you a fiver I beat you to the jobs.”

We shake on it, his leather gloves in my fingerless mitts.

He takes off in a roar of exhaust fumes.

6 Responses to “Rivalry”

  1. Win-Stone says:

    Ok, so two observations spring to mind……………………….

    1. “poppa-popppa” for a HARLEY? that is like saying that Halley Berry is ‘passable, I supppose’!

    2. Squaddie is obviously blind. I’ve seen your legs……….. the therapy sessions are going well, thanks.


  2. diane says:

    He must be heading up here to the Harley weekend in Aviemore/

  3. Sewmouse says:

    Every Harley I’ve ever had the pleasure to ride has gone Blubbada-blubbbada-blub-blub-blubbada…

  4. Cadbury Moose says:

    Did you win your bet?
    (Enquiring Moose Would Like To Know.)



  5. Trauma Queen » How does it taste? says:

    […] “I think you’ll find you owe me a fiver.” […]

  6. Cadbury Moose says:


    Nicely done, sir!