Jan 20

Little Red Tombstone.

Tag: PhotosKal @ 10:18 pm

You cold, little tombstone?

5 Responses to “Little Red Tombstone.”

  1. Margery says:

    So now I can’t get the song “Little Red Tombstone” out of my head (oh, all right, it was “monkey” not “tombstone” … Before your time? Listen to http://www.turnipnet.com/radio/littleredmonkey.wav and substitute “tombstone” for “monkey” …


  2. Fee says:

    Looks like a recycling box, to me. which burying the dead kind of, is, I suppose. Recycling, I mean.


  3. furiousBall says:

    ok, i want a red tombstone too now


  4. Sewmouse says:

    If they come in blue – I’ll take one.
    Wouldn’t want to have my tombstone pulled over for speeding.


  5. Fee says:

    Sewmouse – I’ll donate you my blue recycling box, if that’s any good. You can write on them with a marker pen, saving the cost of the engraving!


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