Jul 04

Cautionary tale.

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The fireys have folded away their cutting gear, the traffic cops have swept up the glass and I’m standing in A&E writing in my notebook, taking notes of names and ages. Dezzy and I were first on scene, before the call even came in, the car smashing head first into a victorian stone wall.

Three patients, two trapped, one critically injured.

The untrapped girl screamed at me to give her “a fucking painkiller” to address her broken foot. The rear seat passenger was blacked out and gurgling. The driver pinned to her seat by the steering wheel folded against her pelvis.

By the end of the incident I was swapping numbers and details with police and fire chiefs.

The driver four times the limit, I dropped into resus to confirm her address and was about to leave when she called me back.

“Can I ask you a question?”


“Will the police charge me, do you think?”

“I can’t comment on that, sorry.”

She starts to cry, softly, silently.

I squeeze her shoulder and she whispers to me.

“I’m starting my police training next week…”

I leave her with her shortlived present tense.

11 Responses to “Cautionary tale.”

  1. PA State Cop says:

    Well that’s a showstopper right there. Sorry Sunshine, your LE career just took a powder.


  2. GrumpyRN says:

    Oh dear…….


  3. Henners says:

    Ouch. Gutted love.


  4. Cath says:

    Can you give names to the police?


  5. David Bain says:

    She should think positive. Now she won’t have to worry that her police pension’s going to be screwed up by the guvmint . . .


  6. Sarah says:

    Man, that sucks. She properly fucked up her life and could have ended 2 more. I feel bad for her actually, because she will be so, so sad, and sympathy will be very lacking (understandably). What a mess.


  7. Charbob says:

    My police start date has been cancelled due to the budget cuts and its a rubbish feeling…but to live with the self blame of ruining your own career through your own stupidity must feel really crap…and more importantly putting lives of other people at risk must be a terrible burden to bear. Everyone does things they regret in life but that is one hell of a life long hangover. Hope everyone made a full recovery.


  8. Darkside says:

    Be positive, guys. She isn’t yet mature enough to be a good thing in the police. They found out in time.


  9. Win-Stone says:

    And the chances of her being so stupid again are. . . . . . . . . . . ?


  10. karen says:

    I have absolutely no sympathy with her! She knew she had a drink, she knew she was joining the police, she had a choice, as did her friends in the car with her.
    If she had flattened a pedestrian they wouldnt have had a choice or a chance.

    My Dad was killed in an accident when I was 3. A drunk taxi driver crashed into the side of a coach which had broken down across the road on an icy night. One passenger was killed, one crippled.
    It was a bad set of circumstances – without the ice, without the coach or without the drunk and no one would have been hurt.
    however the driver got in the car knowing he had been drinking and risked everyones lives and their families happiness.
    The driver was my Dad. I have never forgiven him for what he did to the other people in the vehicle, for what he did to my family and for what he did to my Mum.

    I NEVER EVER drink anything when I’m driving, even with a meal. It’s simple really.


  11. Piper says:

    Karen – I agree wholeheartedly – this wasn’t a case of “I thought I was safe”, 4 times over the limit is a totally irresponsible act. Will they charge her? I hope so.


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