Jul 16

Broom Sunset

Tag: Photography,PhotosKal @ 9:02 pm

*long exhale*

A week of, frankly, horrendous jobs – some of which I’ve told you about, others must stay under wraps for a while.

Let’s all look at the pretty flowers and the sun and sea and think about being somewhere lovely.


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  1. Alice says:

    There wasn’t an “i’m fine” tag on that one so please accept some hugs and the knowledge that if I lived near by some beef stew, apple crumble and beer would be brought round for you. Just so you are fed whilst you look at the sunset.


  2. Win-Stone says:



  3. mako says:

    You can’t blame me for that one.

    If you want to let off steam, im a good listener.


  4. Catherine says:

    Here’s wishing you a week of rewarding jobs at a relaxing pace.


  5. Cadbury Moose says:

    This moose thinks he ought to send you some more chocolate.




  6. Cath says:

    *sigh* lovely…. Makes everything better, I think. But have a hug, anyway :-)


  7. Karen says:

    hugs, a fuss of the head and a tickle behind the ears – it’ll make you feel better, honest!


  8. Neldo says:

    Hi Kal,

    I was wondering if there is an email address I could contact you at? I’m thinking of going to Uni down in England next year to do the paramedic course but before I do so I would like to ask your advice on a couple of things if that’s ok? I know that wasn’t how you qualified but it would be good if I could speak to someone on the inside of the profession. I searched around the website and there doesn’t seem to be any contact details for you here, but maybe I’ve missed them. If its ok for me to get in touch, please email me at calumnelsonATgmailDOTcom

    Thanks :)


  9. Piper says:

    Can I send extremely yummy chocolate slices to cheer you up? Hugs.


  10. Adam says:

    Thoughts with you after your difficult week, Kal, from a colleague in the midlands.


  11. Metamor4sis says:



  12. Trooper says:

    Hope you’re OK Kal, cheer up. Sending hugs and smiles :)
    Whatever happened, it would have been worse without you there to help them. And having been recently rescued by mountain rescue I’m feeling even more loving towards all 999 services. Thank you.


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