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Digital Louis

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I’ve written before on here about Digital Louis the little lad of my mates DigitalKate and DigitalSean. Louis is generally typical nearly-three-year-old. He has an unhealthy obsession with Lego and enjoys painting himself more than the paper. He loves being turned upside down and tickled until he can hardly breathe and would play ‘Superman” by balancing on your legs in the air all day,if your knackered back and hips would allow it.

Given the opportunity to live on ice cream and chocolate cereal, he’d bite your hand off (and then promptly spit it out, in order to cram more ice cream into his face).

There is one way that Louis is not typical, however. He has an as-yet-undiagnosed condition that reduces his gross motor abilities. That means he has trouble holding his head up, sitting up straight, standing and walking. In addition, his muscular problems mean his speech is delayed. He uses sign language and can make himself understood perfectly well.

His mobility, though, is a problem.

Louis uses a walking frame that means he can scoot along smooth floors and pavements. He loves it, but its heavy and reduces his chances to interact with his environment and other kids.

There are lots of things that Louis could do, but struggles with. If he’s excited and wants to run around, he needs someone to help him into his walker. If he wants to scrunch his fingers into dried leaves, or throw snow at us, his walker holds him too high off the ground and forces him to be in a standing position.

If we go out to eat, Louis’ walker means that he has to sit on someone’s knee. The walker is too low to eat from and a standard high chair doesn’t provide him with the stability in his trunk that he needs.

And he’s nearly three. He doesn’t WANT to sit on someones knee. He’s not a BABY. Jeez…

Louis’ Mum and Dad are fundraising to buyhim a SnapDragon wheelchair. These pieces of equipment are amazing and will let Louis get on with being a little boy, rather than struggling each day with his mobility problems.

We’re not suggesting it’ll fix everything, he’ll have daily challenges just as he currently does, but having a powered chair that HE can control will let him get on with living, learning and exploring like every other preschooler.

There have been dozens of fundraising events run for Louis over the past months, from fashion shows to ice cream parties, from a Tube marathon to a static sponsored cycle.

We’re just over a thousand pounds away from hitting the target that we never thought we’d hit before Christmas.

With a big push, we could get Louis’ chair ordered and have it ready for him to use in the spring.

Last year I ran a photo challenge on Trauma Queen. I asked you guys for suggestions and requests as to pictures you wanted taken. Some of them were very silly, others required a bit of thought. Running round Edinburgh taking pictures for my readers was fab. Aled from ThinkNuts was so taken with the photo I took for his suggestion that he ordered prints for his wall. I’ve since met Aled and his other half and it gave me a real buzz to see him gushing over “his photos”.

So we’re running another photo challenge, but this time with a prize at stake that will hopefully help Louis out with his wheelchair.

In the comments, please submit your photo requests, then head over to Help Get Louis Some Wheels. Cos here’s the fun bit.

At the end of the photo challenge, everyone who’s submitted a request and donated £10 or more will be entered into a raffle to win THEIR image, printed and mounted and ready to display in your house. Just mark your justgiving donation with “TQ” so we know to include you in the draw.

So get your thinking caps on, make me get out there and take some photos, help Louis get his chair and get yourself in the running to win some one-of-a-kind bespoke art for your walls.

Of course, if you dont want to enter the raffle and just want to donate, I’m sure Louis wouldn’t mind that either.

From the Digital family and from me, many thanks and Happy Holidays.


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  1. Jake says:

    I’m not sure if putting a three year-old child in charge of one of those things is incredibly brave or completely daft, but good luck and mind your shins!


  2. eloquar says:

    Brilliant idea Kal :-) I’d like to see a photo of “red”, please.


  3. Piper says:

    Donation donated. Now, piccie? Um, not knowing Edinburgh that well, it’ll have to be a random snowy scene, with sunset/dawn lighting, with trees/fields not buildings. Off you go!!


  4. Janet says:

    done the deed. how about warhol pussy cat piccie for me please.


  5. MamaBee says:

    What a lovely idea, for a lovely little guy :) What I really want is a picture of Louis zooming around happily in his new contraption, but that’s pretty much a given. So how about a duck?


  6. Carrie says:

    I would like a photo of a pigeon with a banana please. Thank you please.

    10quid on its way to Louis. I will also re-send the email I sent around work on Monday. GOOD LUCK! xxx


  7. Graham Devine says:

    Donated and hmm, some yarnbombing please


  8. digitalkatie says:

    Actually the Snapdragons are designed to be used with very young children (18 months plus I believe). They are fairly intuitive to drive and the staff and engineers at Dragonmobility are excellent at adapting and adjusting the Snapdragon to the needs of the individual child.

    Thankfully we’ll also be able to limit the top speed for a while until Louis’ driving ability improves – 8 miles an hour round the flat might be tough on the fixtures and fittings!


  9. eloquar says:

    Brilliant idea Kal :-) I’d like to see a picture of “red”, please.


  10. Clare says:

    The Royal Astronomers’ House please. I just love that building!


  11. Clare says:

    Forgot to mark my donation with TQ – but never mind!


  12. net m says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous little man!

    As soon as pay day arrives I’ll gladly make a donation to the fund. No pic request, just a little something as its Christmas :)


  13. HeatherTheVet says:

    Was sorely tempted to say “Glasgow” but for a photo how about “Team”? Last time I looked there was only £149 to go!


  14. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    En route to the website. Bannerman’s, interior, please, or inside the Pleasaunce.


  15. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    W00ty! 100% now!!


  16. Alison says:

    Donation made! Never been to Edinburgh (or Scotland) – how about the most Scottish thing in Edinburgh (I’ll leave that up to you)!


  17. Linda says:

    A photo of unique door hardware would be lovely!


  18. blogdog says:

    Fab idea. Will head over there now. Cheers


  19. digitalkatie says:

    Thank you so much everyone for taking us up and over the 100% mark!!!

    If you want to still enter the raffle donations will be gratefully received and will go towards a docking system to clamp the snapdragon into our car :-) It’s not as sexy as a powerchair but necessary to stop the dragon flying out the front window ;-)

    Many thanks and Merry Christmas!


  20. Louise says:

    what a fantastic idea! I would like *dancing* please :)


  21. Hel says:

    Ahhh I am glad you have hit your target… When I get a new kitchen (this is relevant so keep with me,ha), I still want one of those beautiful cooked breakfast photos you posted ages ago… fat sausage… bacon, gorgeous fried egg xx


  22. Utility says:

    oh wow, by the time I’d clicked on the donation link they were already on 103% :-D
    merry xmas Kal & the digital family :-)


  23. Digitalkatie says:


    Thank you so much to everyone for your donations! We have now also raised the £1150 that we needed for the docking system.

    If you would like to still enter the competition PLEASE can you visit little Daniel’s page and donate there instead. Your entries will still be eligible as long as you mention that TQ sent you!

    Daniel is trying to get a Snapdragon so that when he starts Primary school he can go to mainstream and get up to the same mischief that all the other kids do. He had ten grand still to raise and really needs your help.

    Thank you so much!



  24. JC says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to help this family, Kal! I worked as a medic for 22 years…I was driving around the old response area yesterday, and I was overwhelmed with memories — CHF in that house, trauma arrest on that corner, etc. So here’s a picture thought: how about your most peaceful place – the spot you can go to decompress and get your head right after a tough shift? Thanks, and Happy Holidays to all!


  25. Tom says:

    On a more sombre note. For the first time in some years, My son photographed my granddaughter and I together. Bliss…


  26. Win-Stone says:

    Hi Mate, so, further to our conversation the other night – donation made. . . . . . . . . now for the photie :-)

    Remember the picture of me firing the musket? Well, I’d like one the same but of Mons Meg please. Say cheese :-))

    . . . . . . and Happy Festivities to Kal, the Digital Family and all the regulars, lurkers and hangers-on at TQ.


  27. Utility says:

    picture of “something fun” if thats ok? I’ll hope thats fairly open ended
    donation made – sorry, had to wait for xmas money to go through the bank! :-P


  28. Amaranthine says:

    Rabbit, please.


  29. Trauma Queen » Rabbits says:

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