Jan 23

Postage paid

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So I got a letter from Beth.

It was a lovely note, it said thankyou for our help and explained how she’d felt sure things would be alright, despite the problems that Emily faced at birth.

It’s always nice to hear from patients, commendations go into your personal file and “thankyou” is a word that’s rarely heard, people being understandably preoccupied.

But at the bottom of the letter?

“PS – Emily is a happy, healthy little girl.”

Scuse me.

Something in my eye.

14 Responses to “Postage paid”

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh how wonderful xxx


  2. Brandy says:

    What a nice thing of her to do!

    With thoughts on the call, can I ask how long from your arrival to baby arrival and end scene at foot of bed? Sounds like a fast run.


  3. sebbie says:

    That’s a coincidence I seem to have something in my eye too.


  4. Fee says:

    Gosh, these eye-bugs are going around aren’t they? That’s so lovely.


  5. Tom says:


    I can’t explain it, but there is something about the job that is so intense on a personal level, that I appear to have contracted the same eye bug.


  6. Thursday says:

    Oh dear, me too, ‘scuse me.


  7. Win-Stone says:

    So we have symmetry; Emily might have shit on your front, but that is a wonderful, and well deserved, pat on the back.


  8. pam says:

    Blessings are in short supply. Take yours and enjoy it.


  9. Lucy says:

    Great news, and even better that you know about it. Well done, again.


  10. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    Eye wipes, plz kthx. I like to think the effort of keeping her in this world for good won’t go to waste; they’ll take good care of her, and it will become family legend. Only, a big family, she’ll never meet us all.


  11. Allan Brown says:

    I believe it’s considered good luck in some cultures to have a bird shit on you from a great height. Wonder what it does for you to have a newborn, especially one you’ve done so much to keep alive, doing it from point blank range?


  12. FireMom says:

    Oh dear. Weeping myself.

    Job well done, my friend.


  13. Lady V says:

    I too have something in my eyes… how lovely for you (and Beth and Emily obviously) but I think paramedics are one of the most under-appreciated services so I’m glad you have a lovely letter you can cherish and remind yourself that’s why you do your job – to be there when it counts.


  14. Teresa says:

    Awwww! That is such good news.

    I am really glad I made the effort to get that card off to the guys that helped me now! xx


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