Jan 07


Tag: Photo ChallengeKal @ 9:12 pm

The first in Louis’ Photo challenge – this one’s for Eloquar who wanted “Red”.

I have no idea who that wee guy is on the right, but he’s a fine illustration of how I feel when your pour me a large glass like that.

13 Responses to “Red!”

  1. bloodystudent says:

    Bottle stopper, I think…
    Cool photo!


  2. Cal says:

    I’d like to say that its a great composition, but then


  3. Charbob says:

    Waaay Awesome! I have just had a few glasses of red myself and I feel like the little chap on the right even though I don’t have a willy…



  4. David W says:

    When someone pours you a glass of wine, you put two elastic bands around your winky?!?


  5. Win-Stone says:

    . . . . . and I can safely say that that’s the last time I ever buy you wine. . . . . .


  6. Lucy says:

    Tee hee hee.


  7. modog says:

    “insert penis joke here”


  8. Freddie says:

    “insert penis here” joke


  9. FireMom says:

    Fantastic. I just snorted.


  10. fatlazymalenurse says:

    So you have a drink and then put on not one, but two cock rings?


  11. Sewmouse says:

    Ok, someone from Belgium recently posted a photo of a “Mannekin Pis” – and now this. Apparently y’all have a whoooooole different kind of 5 & 10 cent stores over there!


  12. Eloquar says:

    Wine and knob references – it’s like you know me \o/

    Cheers dude :-D


  13. Karma says:

    Adorably cheeky!! :)


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