Jan 11


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Photos are being taken, including one chilly, chilly morning session. More on that later.

MamaBee wanted pictures of Louis hurtling around in his new chair, but recognised that this was a no-brainer once the contraption arrives.

Instead she wanted “duck”. I considered taking pictures of peoples heads while I threw things at them, but instead decided to go for something more ornithological.

You know when sometimes you’re lying in bed and you wake with a jerk, thinking you’re falling?

This duck is responsible for that feeling.

Evil yellow bastard.

11 Responses to “Duck.”

  1. Win-Stone says:

    Hum. So, do you want to talk about your penchant for going to bed with Jerks? :-\


  2. Sewmouse says:

    Speaking of ducks scaring you in the night… I had a dream about you the other night. It was bizarre. Perhaps the duck sent it?


  3. freddiefraggles says:

    I’ve woken myself up dreaming I was jumping and actually
    attempting it while lying down asleep. Not a huge issue, you’d
    think, but I do have a Taylor Spatial Frame on my lower right leg.
    It was quite a painful way to wake up.


  4. Fee says:

    Isn’t there a weird medical name for that feeling? I’d google it, but wouldn’t know where to start!

    Good to know it’s all the fault of the ducks, though. That’s the last time they get bread from me.


  5. blogdog says:

    Had always wondered whose fault that was. Thanks for clarifying. Bastard plastic anatidae…


  6. Cath says:

    That is the weirdest… scariest… coolest duck I have ever seen. Really.


  7. katie says:

    it’s not the duck’s fault… honest… that’s just what the gremlins want you to believe… it’s really a friendly duck lighting the way for people lost in the dark… :)


  8. Dragill says:

    The name for that particular feeling is a, “Hypnic Jerk”. But yes, I do believe the ducks are responsible for it.


  9. Metamor4sis says:

    Ditto Cath


  10. Pcwizme says:

    I want a propper print of that Kal! its pure awesome in a tin…. or in an image in this case!


  11. Edd Davis says:

    Hi kal, just wanted to say i love this picture of the duck, and i was wondering if you took it or is one of your friends or one that you found. I was wondering if i could ask permission to use it on a T-shirt… please email me back and let me know what u think


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