Jan 13

Unique Door Furniture

Tag: Photo Challenge,PhotosKal @ 9:27 pm

As requested by Linda, this stair gate is in the middle of town and makes me smile every time I see it, I love the transition from negative to positive leaves as the sculpture (and I maintain this is more art than function) stretches up high.

I wonder who lives there…

10 Responses to “Unique Door Furniture”

  1. Win-Stone says:

    I liiiiiiiike that!! What an awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome gate!!


  2. Allan says:

    Love the angle and the muted colours. What lens was this taken with?

    I only ask because there’s noticeable light fall-off in the corners of the frame. While a lot of camera purists would consider fall-off a fault, I think it adds a lot to this image.


  3. Sewmouse says:

    That is amazing. I like it very much. It is much nicer than my gate.


  4. Fee says:

    I don’t live there – sadly – ‘cos that’s an awesome gate.


  5. Darkside says:

    I wonder who made the gate. It’s both beautiful and useful.


  6. Stonehead says:

    Who lives there? Someone very tall and very skinny. Not me, then.


  7. FireMom says:

    Fabulous capture! I also wonder who lives there. Someone cooler than me.


  8. Linda says:

    Thanks, Kal! I’ve taken a lot of photos of door hardware (or “furniture” as you call it. I like that term) and this one is truly unique. Makes me think I’m going to have to visit Scotland sooner rather than later!


  9. Croila says:

    Hmmmm, I like it. What street’s that on, then? :-)


  10. Heyho says:

    Just passed this doorway on the bus…now I must have gone past it a hundred times or more and I only just noticed it today…I have to admit it isn’t in the kind of street I expected it to be!


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