Jan 26

Way outta the zone.

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En route to my first Childrens Panel hearing, just observing, as my training has another three months to run.

I’m aggy, nippy, frustrated with myself when I do dumb things in getting ready, picking things up and leaving them places only to search for them again. I’m halfway downstairs before I realise I don’t have my paperwork, a pen, a notepad. Stupid little mistakes. I swear, a lot.

BamBam’s at the bus stop when I leave the house and she laughs at my rattled state.

“I’m nervous. It’s weird. I don’t get nervous.”

“I guess you don’t know what you’re going into.”

It’s more than that.

I don’t know what I’m going into at least a half dozen times a day. Will this benign sounding transport job actually be critically ill? Will the dementia patient make a break for it?

The difference is, I don’t feel prepared to deal with whatever I face today. At work I have the skills and equipment.

Today, nothing.

Its unpleasant.

But probably good for me.

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  1. sebbie says:

    My godmother used to be on the Edinburgh Children’s panel. You will have the skills you need I’m sure(compassion and an ability to see all sides of a story being the prime ones). I can tell from your writing.


  2. Win-Stone says:

    Ach, you’ll be fine mate. Only one question. . . . is this going to stop you doing what we discussed; or has that idea gone by the board? (Alternately, is this going to make what we discussed harder for you to do? Just asking.)


  3. karen says:

    I’m sure you’ll be fine, you have enough gumption and intuition to get you through anything!

    However, whats a childrens panel? Oh, googled it and I think I know. Is it like family court? Being south of the border I dont think we have anything like that down here.


  4. Sewmouse says:

    Funny, I feel like that most Mondays.


  5. Loth says:

    I have to deal with Children’s Panel stuff all the time in my job and I can categorically state that I can’t think of anyone better suited to be a Panel member. (Other than me, obviously except I’m sort of barred!)


  6. Jo says:

    Good Luck!
    It is horrible stepping outside of your comfort zone, whatever the reason. I hope that it all goes really well for you, and that next time it feels easier :-)


  7. blogdog says:

    Really fab thing to be doing, and nervousness/a feeling of unpreparedness seems absolutely appropriate. Several friends have done those panels in the past and some of the decisions they make there have made big differences to kids’ lives. Having been involved in safeguarding voluntary stuff, my feeling is as soon as someone starts feeling complacent enough not to question themselves when doing that sort of thing, and going in thinking they know it all, then they should probably stop doing it. Because they won’t be listening to the evidence, and to the kids themselves. It’s wrong when it’s not a big deal. You’ll be great.

    The one thing my friends did say was the paperwork for some of the cases though…good luck with that!


  8. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    You don’t know if you’ll hear horrors or nothings that still stir up the Stuff we all have. And, well, kids. Of course you’ve left your keys hanging in the door and the cooker on.



  9. Libby says:

    You can do it Kal! Behind you all the way :)
    Good luck.


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