Mar 31

Touch down

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You know what makes a flight awesome?

Lots of legroom (thankyou, bulkhead seat), good food (which you’re gently woken for) and such acute sleep deprivation that you can sleep in any position.

Six hours *whizzed* by and now I’m blogging from the immigration queues in Abu Dhabi airport.

The airport is under renovation, signs and arrows funnel and ferry us through the system around scaffolding and temporary walls which appear to be recycled picket fences.

The whole place is drenched in cold, white light from the hundreds of ultra bright fluorescent tubes in steel alcoves throughout the ceiling.

The queue shuffles. The tang of body odour and expensive cologne heavy in the air, thick and peppery.

Odd how out here it’s not so offensive as it would be back home. In a culture where it’s not considered an issue to smell like, well, yourself, why go to lengths not to?

The lines on both sides move faster than mine.

Why does that always happen…?

9 Responses to “Touch down”

  1. Sarah says:

    The live blogging is fun. Clearly you were put in a slower line to allow you more time to blog ;-)


    Kal Reply:

    Aye, whatever, its fate. Whhatever you think. Personally, I just wanted in the country..


  2. Sewmouse says:

    Bulkhead seats do, in fact, rock. However, every time I have flown in the last 10 years, they have been already taken by people with small kiddies, so I have found a new favorite seat – the one on the right side of the plane where the emergency exit is. Since my right leg is the one that had the DVT and consequently needs to move around a lot and stretch out, there is just >–< that much more room in that seat than in the others. You just have to promise to throw the door out the window if there is an emergency landing.


    Kal Reply:

    I tend to aim for those too, but some carriers have started adding a premium to sit there. Sure, when the flight comes down, what I wanty is someone rich running the emergency exit, rather than someone ttall enough to throw the damn door out of thhe winndow.


  3. Win-Stone says:

    As someone who is bigger than the average (Kal) Bear, it’s the gaps between the seats on ‘planes that, for me, make long-distance travel such a bloody nightmare. Last time I was in a ‘plane it was a short (45 minutes) internal flight – and, even there, I was beginning to suffer from serious cramps. I HATE flying.

    Now, if I could afford business class. … … … … …


    Kal Reply:

    If I was as tall s you, I’d not fly. Or ut my feeet off.


  4. Cath says:

    I like the new way :-)


    Kal Reply:

    That’s good…cos it’ll be here for a while!!


  5. Weirdo says:

    I would have to say … I don’t have the problem of leg room being short, but then I can sympathise with those of a taller persuasion, as much as there is just about enough room for me.

    Cool pictures btw


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