Apr 02

Dubai Mall

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Wilco, me old mucker from last year’s DC isn’t available to fly with us this year. He claims it’s because his son is visiting, I’m just offended that he puts rare time with his boy over pretending we’re in an episode of Airwolf with us.


We met up and he, his lad and I spent the afternoon in the Dubai Mall, wandering through the aquarium, pulling faces at sharks before eating lunch and doing a little electronics and book shopping.


Dubai Mall is ridiculously opulent, though I was excited to find I recognised aspects of it from my first trip here with Nina and Tom. This fountain, with its diving silver surfers never fails to make me smile.

4 Responses to “Dubai Mall”

  1. Win-Stone says:

    “. . . . wandering through the aquarium. . . . . ” aqualungs provided – of course.


  2. Dr. Kate says:

    Say Hi to my friend Hannah if you run in to her there – she’s an emerg doc who just passed her exams working there too.


  3. Maeya says:

    I recognize that fountain!! didn’t find time for a bit of ice skating?


  4. Juliet says:

    The fountain reminds me of these three divers at London Piccadilly.
    Most people fail to notice them as they’re too busy rushing around, heads down.


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