Apr 04

Gallery, Dubai Mall

Tag: UncategorizedKal @ 1:00 am

Because what you really need in your house is a giant red Samurai cat.


4 Responses to “Gallery, Dubai Mall”

  1. Ross says:

    He’ll protect you from ninja cats, but if you lose a fight, he’ll turn on you.


  2. ScotchDave says:

    I’m really enjoying these constant updates Kal, much better than waiting a week then getting them all in one go.



  3. Catherine says:

    I’m loving the moment to moment travelogue too – very effective and fun BUT… now I want a Samurai cat. My life felt incomplete until the moment I set eyes on him. I’m pretty sure he comes to life when the mall lights go out and goes on the prowl, searching for injustice wherever it may lurk. Looks like he could handle himself too…


  4. karen says:

    I’m not showing my husband! He wants a suit or Samurai armour in one corner of a room and a Ken-do suit in the other and I’m sure he would want a daft cat in a third corner too ;-)


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