Apr 03


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The hole in the wall I wrote about earlier? Inside, away from the dust and battered pick ups in the car park, there were rows upon rows of sharply polished wooden shelves bearing a range of booze that would shame most vintners back home. And no cheap local moonshine, either; high quality, good labels.

On an aisle end I found this monstrosity and while we were taking the piss out of it and suggesting that the only people who would drink such a thing would be tracksuited royalty who name their children Mercedes Chlamydia and such.

While we were laying into it, a woman in a tracksuit walked past, lifted a bottle off the shelf and said “Its delicious over ice.”

Well, no further recommendation was necessary and I dropped a bottle of Girl into the trolley.

Back home we were disappointed to find it wasn’t the Baileys creamy consistency we’d anticipated. We’d been hoping for a sort of alcoholic Gaviscon. Sadly not. Clear and faintly medicinal with a ton of saccharine and cranberry added.

Drinkable, but not a choice for an entire evening.


2 Responses to “Girl”

  1. Jamie says:

    I’ve got to ask , Was the lassies name Chantelle per chance ?


  2. Stefafra says:

    Seen the same little pink horror in the shop of the Stena line ferry, had to shiver.
    Could be “useful” as pranky present for stag nights and such, but drinking it? Never.


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