Apr 18

Wet on the inside.

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Hydration is clearly essential out here, though this year we’ve seen an increase in people drinking too much water and not replacing their electrolytes by taking salt or rehydration solution. We hand sachets of the stuff out at the clinic like its Halloween, though the NHS dog in each of us rears its head when people turn up asking for boxes to take away.

“You knew you were coming here…why do your support team not bring some too?”

Every member of the team has their own way of ensuring hydration. Me, I titrate my fluid intake to the colour of my pee and make a point of chugging a bottle of rehydration solution at least twice a day. Other guys wear Camelbaks, a reservoir with rucksack straps and a drinking tube that lets them sip at fluids through the day.

Flopsy is a big fan of these.

Except for when he forgets, tucks the end of the drinking tube into the chest pocket of his flight suit and ends up looking like a lactating new Mum who’s forgotten to put a pad on.


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  1. Teresa says:

    LOL! I looked like that WITH a pad on!!


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