Apr 20

Common Bloody Sense

Tag: ADDC 2011Kal @ 5:25 am


For such precisely engineered pieces of kit, it always amazes me how unpolished these aircraft can appear, there are no panels that cover up the inner workings of the cockpit.

How do you avoid pulling the cables and fuses out with your feet when flying?

I’m guessing the pilots’ response would be “You don’t put your feet in there…”


3 Responses to “Common Bloody Sense”

  1. Piper says:

    Well, duh!! I suspect it is something to do with weight but I’m not an engineer….


  2. Cadbury Moose says:

    Weight, airflow, and because you want access to everything in an emergency, I should think.


  3. Hurles says:

    Weight certainly but normally people sitting in the cockpit
    of a dual control helicopter are expected to have an idea what
    not to touch!
    Our pilot obviously trusted you…….


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