Apr 21

Air Con

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Air Con

The helis have air conditioning.


The helis have air blowers.

There is no cooling behind those surprised little mouths in the roof.

When the rotors are turning in flight, they blast air at us, it’s cool by virtue of moving fast and we lean up towards them like sweaty baby birds, unzipping our flight suits and aiming the breeze down inside where our teeshirts stick and stink to our chests.

When on the ground with engines idling, they blow exhaust fumes into the cabin, hot and thick with nauseous aviation fuel.

With flight, comes comfort.

Let’s get in the air.

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  1. Fee says:

    I’ve always wanted to fly in a helicopter, but part of me’s a bit wary because they have a tendency to look like they escaped from the factory before they were completely finished.


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