May 29


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Bannermans, the interior thereof, as requested by Vinaigrette Girl.


A pub in the Cowgate, a basement level street in the Old Town of Edinburgh down which the social effluent of the city flow every weekend. Clubs and pubs line both sides of the street. It’s so busy that in the evening its closed to traffic, such is the volume of pissed-up pedestrians wobbling over into the road.

Sometimes, when I’m bored on an RRU in the City Centre I drive, ever so slowly, down the Cowgate and pretend I’m in a zombie movie. It’s surprisingly convincing and consequentially awesome.

But in the middle of this shit-heap of shit-heads, there’s Bannermans. Built into the vaulted arches that hold up the cathedral and court buildings above it, it’s a low-roofer, snug, welcoming rock bar. With live music. And punters who are not arseholes.

The place was deserted, as you can see, but the landlady was touched by Louis’ story and let me set up the tripod for this looooong exposure shot.

Rock fans aren’t arseholes.

It’s one of life’s unquestionable truths.

7 Responses to “Bannermans”

  1. Cadbury Moose says:

    On the subject of long exposures (and hoping the HTML works[1]), this

    (Caution, has a fairly loud Rock soundtrack, which this moose happens to like.)


    [1] Moose are not noted for their HTML skills, nor do they get on particularly well with Micro$oft Word.


  2. Fee says:

    Had some brilliant nights in there. Love the zombie movie idea. Class.


  3. Loth says:

    I just depressed myself by calculating that it’s 23 years since I was last in Bannerman’s. (I used to eat lunch in there every weekday as a student.) God, I’m old.


  4. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    I’m in New Mexico right now with my Auld Yins (83, they are) but this breathtaking picture took me 20 years and 6,000 miles. It’s brilliant and I’m teary. Thank you so very much!


  5. Digitalkatie says:

    I think I’ve only been to Bannerman’s once or twice since a particularly memorable Friday night in 1995 when my bag got stolen. After searching around I left the pub at 1am to find my Dad across the road who was about to start going pub to pub, alley to alley searching for me (this was in the days before cheap mobiles!). Someone had found my bag in an alley and had kindly phoned the number in my diary. This sent my parents into a tizz, naturally! I was just upset that someone had stolen my bag, rummaged around it and only taken my REM cd, not any of my other CDs which were in my bag – was my music taste not good enough for someone who steals other people’s belongings for a living?!

    Recently I was in the different position when I found a handbag next to the Water of Leith and had to phone up someone’s mum. It was a difficult conversation. Thankfully she phoned me back soon after to say her daughter was safe and well…but it wasn’t her handbag. It was her son’s! He’d been at a fancy dress party, and was also safe and well (and very sheepish when he came to collect the bag!)

    Some day, in 15 years or so, I suspect I will get a similar phone call. I’ll turn up to the Grassmarket and out of Bannerman’s will come an intoxicated Louis swaying around dangerously in his Dragon chair and sitting on the back will be a tipsy Uncle Kal ;-)


  6. johndog says:

    Cracking photie mate. Point of order (pedants only need read beyond this point) – St Giles ceased to be a Cathedral round bout the time Jenny Geddes picked up her stool and threw it (the Scottish Reformation). The Church of Scotland has no bishops and the pre-reformation Cathedral is therfore properly known as the High Kirk of St Giles.


  7. Corinna says:

    I’ve been there, its awesome. as an edin resident its nice to see it on the web


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