Jun 21


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Rabbits, as requested by Amaranthine


There are two rabbits that live in our house. They’re called Maud and Siobhain.

They met at Greenham common in the 80’s and, aside from a short break when Siobhain left to set up a Nu-Wave Punk/Physiotherapy Arts studio in Bremen in early ‘90s, they’ve been together ever since.

They both eschew the term “wife” and state that “partner” fails to express what they have together, claiming it’s a product of a society that’s so afraid of its own desires it is forced to emasculate its own language to empty gestures.

Siobhain calls Maud her “Life Companion With Significant Benefits” and will tell you, when you visit their house in the bottom of our living room shelves, that she’s not staying here long, that she knows a man in Stoke who wants her to collaborate with him on a series of Eco B&Bs.

Maud’s seen his picture on Facebook. She thinks he looks like a Communist.

In the meantime, Siobhain makes political cupcakes and sells little framed watercolours on Etsy. She doesn’t make much from the sales, but Maud keeps her in batteries.

The good ones.

The ones that the rabbit sells on television.

Maud won’t talk much about the future.

She knows when she’s onto a good thing.

14 Responses to “Rabbits”

  1. Loth says:

    I worry about you sometimes. I do. Really.


  2. Rat says:

    Took me a few moments to grok it, but then everything fell into place. +1!


  3. jean says:

    I looked at the photo trying to see a rabbit. I thought I was some how missing it. Then I read “batteries” and finally saw it. Good one.


  4. Win-Stone says:

    There are times, you know, when all one can do is shake one’s head and sigh – resignedly.

    I think this probably qualifies as one of those times. :-)


  5. Cath says:

    “Political cupcakes” :-D I wonder what rabbits might want to fight for? Better dandylions and fresh batteries?


  6. Fee says:

    Oh dear, oh dear. I’m now wondering what, precisely, a communist looks like? That’s the way my mind works, see?


  7. Bulk says:

    That is the funniest thing I’ve seen for a while!
    You’ve made me smile after a piss poor day at work and I thank you for that! :)


  8. Catherine says:

    Loving the whimsy and the deeply felt character portraits, not to mention the mischief.


  9. M says:

    The one time my mum’s standing behind me when I open up your blog….


  10. karen says:

    OMG, you naughty naughty man! rofl


  11. Heyho says:

    My poor mind is reading waaaay too much into that picture…naughty boy Kal…am away to pour bleach in my ears xx


  12. Piper says:

    O…….K…….. Moving swiftly on :)


  13. k8 says:

    *giggling madly*


  14. jay says:

    But why do you have a rampant rabbit in the first place what with you being a man and……never mind.


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