Jun 22

The Most Scottish Thing In Edinburgh

Tag: Photo ChallengeKal @ 10:27 pm

That’s what Alison said.
That’s what she wanted.


So here we have a little bagpiper on a haggis supper (with salt and sauce) in front of Edinburgh Castle.

That there is pretty feckin’ Scottish.

All it’s missing is some heroin.

And social deprivation.

19 Responses to “The Most Scottish Thing In Edinburgh”

  1. LoriAngela says:

    Awesome shot.


  2. Emma says:

    What, the Scouse deep fry HAGGIS too now? I think I’m in love, get me a plane!


  3. Alison says:

    Wow, love it! Thanks Kal


  4. Paul says:

    Bravo sir, bravo!


  5. Lauren says:

    Excellent shot, I do miss chippy sauce (in first year at uni someone tried to explain why it was the best thing ever and we thought it was minging, then tried it and agreed)!


  6. Win-Stone says:

    Scottish? Scottish?? ………………. but……… but………. but……… where’s the Irn Bru???


  7. Kittycow says:

    Silly Win-Stone. The piper has drunk the Irn Bru, obviously.


    Win-Stone Reply:

    You mean that they’re not blowing *into* the bagpipe – they’re actually using it as a straw to drink the Bru? :-0


    Kittycow Reply:

    Yep, that’s how it works. Explains the noise, doesn’t it…


    Win-Stone Reply:

    Oh! and here’s me always thinking that the noise was just a way of warning you that they were there – thereby giving you a chance to get away……………. !

  8. Cath says:

    Fast food haggis? But… what…. really? You can get that?


    Lauren Reply:

    Yup, battered, deep fried and everything. You can also get black, white or red pudding in a similar format! Not that I’ve ever eaten any of them.


  9. Lucy says:

    Love it – nearly as much as the rabbits which made me laugh so much my sides still ache. Thank you.


  10. kiri says:

    i’m hungry


  11. Heyho says:

    My friends son took a bottle of chippy sauce to uni with him (in a Barrs Cream Soda bottle) and spent the first week of uni in hospital having his thumb reconstructed when he tried to stab the bottle top open with a screwdriver…dangerous stuff sauce!


  12. Fee says:

    I still remember my bafflement when, on my first visit to a chippy NOT in Edinburgh (aged about 5) when they asked if I wanted salt and vinegar. Salt and vinegar? What the heck? No, I want salt and sauce. That’s a proper chippy.


  13. Lady V says:

    Och that photie wid bring a tear tae a gless een!


  14. clare says:

    I still don


  15. clare says:

    As i was saying before my keyboard was attacked by a 17lb weakling, I still don`t know what salt and sauce is…


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