Jun 25


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JC wanted a picture of where I go to unwind.

And this is exceptionally boring.

But this is it.

My Couch

When my head is too busy, or I’ve had a bad day, or I’m just plain tired and need to recharge, what I want is solitude.

I’ve been like this as long as I can remember.

It’s not anti-social.

At least, not actively so.

It’s just a reflection of how hideously socially inept I can be.

Its allowing my brain to not worry about what I’m saying to whom and what they might be thinking and whether or not they’re alright or if someone’s offended or maybe I’m saying the wrong thing or being not funny enough or insufficiently good company or maybe I’m doing that thing I do where I like someone’s company and so make deeply offensive comments to them, like calling their granny a cunt, or suggesting they’re into animal porn or something.

That’s always awkward.

Even at work I find sitting in the cab with someone for a full shift a real challenge, even if that person is a good a friend as Pally, or EvilOnTheInside, or BTD. You could be my best friend in the world and I’d still, after some time, need to escape from you and hide out on my own for a bit.

So this is where I do it. With a coffee and a guitar and a games console.

And sometimes the outside world intrudes, like last night when I heard a shout and leaned out the window to see a guy kicking a woman in the head on the pavement. I’m a responsible sort of guy, so I made sure I had a good description of him as he legged it up the street. I passed that description to the police officers on scene and then one of them came up and took a statement, sitting in my living room, during my time when I’m trying to be alone.

Rude intrusion, rude as broken glass in jam or shell in your omelette or an open sharps bin in your underwear drawer.


10 Responses to “Solitude”

  1. Paul says:

    I may be on the other side of the world but I’ve got the exact same coffee/guitar/console set-up (okay, a netbook instead of a console but beggars can’t be choosers), and for the same reasons. Although I love teaching a full day of communicating with other beings can leave me kinda drained and I just want to hide. My social interaction reserves get depleted quickly and easily. It’s all good though, those in the know say social ineptitude is the new bravado :-)


  2. Fee says:

    Living in a house with a hubby, two kids and a cat, I cherish every second I get of ‘alone-time’. It’s kind of sparse, which makes me appreciate it all the more. With the upcoming school holidays, it’s going to disappear altogether for six weeks. Oh great joy.


  3. Cath says:

    I spend enormous amounts of energy trying to make sure no one misunderstands me, or gets offended or whatever. And then I go into hiding twice a year. I turn off everything, don’t answer calls or emails and my computer goes on vacation. Sometimes people are exhausting, methinks.


  4. MSgt B says:

    Dude. Is that a bong sitting on the back of the couch? Did you at least put it away when the cops were there?


  5. Heyho says:

    admit it…you tidied up before you took that photo didn’t you?


    Kal Reply:

    Wouldn’t you?!?


    Heyho Reply:



  6. NoiseGirl says:

    Being in charge of 425 students at night and at weekends (I work on Halls of Residence at uni) is draining and alone time is cherished.

    We all need time alone to recharge our batteries and get our heads together!


  7. Emily says:

    In other speak, that’s called ‘meditation’ or ‘dreaming’ or some such. ‘Good for the soul’ suits me. And so does ‘alone time’.


  8. Piper says:

    I don’t consider wanting to be on ones own antisocial – I consider it necessary for sanity – one of the many reasons I like driving on my own, and working from home with no-one but the cat to consider :)


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