Jun 26

“Something Fun”

Tag: Photo ChallengeKal @ 10:33 am

As requested by Utility – a laser and smoke installationin Eindhoven’s Phillips Museum, a room I spent HOURS in running up and down the stairs, setting long exposure times and generally playing around with someone else’s artistic cleverness.

Fun indeed! But mainly only to people who think in time as a long series of fractions of a second.

Figure at the foot.

6 Responses to ““Something Fun””

  1. Lynda M O says:

    Love it <3


  2. Gail says:



  3. Jamie says:

    Ooft – I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of bed that Dirk Diggler sleeps in. Epic Though !


  4. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    Creepy sacrificial beds? And the Dutch seemed like such *nice* people. WELL!



  5. Utility says:

    thanks mate :-)


  6. Sewmouse says:

    Interesting photo – wondered why someone splashed strawberry jam all over the bed….


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