Jul 02

Aye aye

Tag: PhotosKal @ 5:48 am

In the world of the training department, with its anatomical homunculi and simulated death, things aren’t always as they seem.

That pocket mask box ain’t got no mask, son…


8 Responses to “Aye aye”

  1. Fee says:

    Yeeeeek. Just, yeeeeek.


  2. Jamie says:

    That is pretty bloody cool !


  3. NoiseGirl says:

    Most people say they have their parent’s eyes, you have your instructor’s eyes! ;)


  4. Win-Stone says:

    …….. but surely, a box like that should have the Bogart line written on it somewhere?


  5. Utility says:

    Most horrific prank ever;
    Most people don’t check their masks all that often…

    One day you need it, you’re panicking, your casualty departing this world next to your trembling knees.
    You reach into your trusted pouch, open the case with your sweaty, fumbling fingers and are met by…
    to most horrific thing you’ve ever seen (or that has ever seen you?) :-P

    seriously though, kinda cool – is that for trauma simulation of avulsed eyes?


  6. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    A lovely lady I know grew up in North London where her father had a shop; they came in one morning to find it not very burgled, because the would-thief had run off, discomforted, finding the first drawer he jemmied was full of beautiful made to order glass eyes staring up at him – that being the profession the father had brought with him in 1939 from the Continent 8-)


  7. kiri says:

    but where did they come from? Why would you need a box of glass eyes in training?


  8. Mercury says:

    My Mum is a lab technician for a secondary school. Occasionally, she will have to obtain materials for dissection classes so she’ll visit the butcher on her way home from work, buy a bagful of eyes and store them in our fridge overnight. The first time I brought a boyfriend home, I told him to help himself to juice from the fridge while I went to the toilet. You can see where this is going…. Funnily enough, we didn’t go out for very long!


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