Sep 03


Tag: UncategorizedKal @ 11:48 pm

Thanks to you all for useful separate systems. Never could remember that one.

In my defence, though, I only claimed to be to write.

Never said fuck all about being able to spell…

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  1. Bear says:

    I don’t come here for your blistering grammar, your peerless spelling and your wholehearted, Calvinistic rejection of the split infinitive.

    I come here because you’re rightly responsible for the 4,354 google searches for “glaikit cunt” in the last three days.

    I was always taught that you sePARate somthing into two or more PARts. But that’s by the by.


  2. epocalypse says:

    or grammar :P


  3. Paul says:

    “I only claimed to be to write” – priceless :)


  4. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    This from the man who can spell ‘glaikit’ correctly!?

    You /write/ like an angel and it was so hard to see that one wee, so-easily-fixed flaw, when you do the really hard stuff so well…


  5. Sewmouse says:

    Az a certan Zombie Woof says: Speeling istn improtent if thye can unnerstand it.

    As I’ve known him as long as I’ve known you, I both type and read fluent Woof-Typo – and consider spelling, grammar and usage to be an added bonus, not actually necessary, but nice to have.


  6. Paul says:

    By the way, here’s another one you can use. I always got confused about where to put ‘s’ or ‘ss’ in occasionally and necessary. Turns out the Nazis came to my rescue! You see, the SS are a neceSSary evil but occaSionally we don’t need them :-)

    Horrible, I know. I’ll get me coat…


    Vinaigrette Girl Reply:

    My son will adore that one. Ta muchly.


  7. Win-Stone says:

    Oh, sorry, but put the, relatively unusual, spelling mistakes in your piece as being the result of height-induced oxygen starvation as a direct result of you standing on your soapbox……………..

    Didn’t realise that you were basically a useless . . . . . . who didn’t know how a spell chucker worked. :-/


    Vinaigrette Girl Reply:

    Round of applause for the comma usage there.


    Win-Stone Reply:

    Why, thank, you.

    (Bows, deeply) :-)


  8. Cath says:

    Kal, your spelling is divine! :-D


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