Oct 25

Canned ham

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Daddy Pig’s hunger strike enters its third week.

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  1. The Jannie says:

    Gadaffi’s last words?

    “Libya needs a revolution like I need a hole in my head”


    Christopher M. Clark Reply:

    He looks angry though…lol


  2. Win-Stone says:

    Surely Gadaffi’s last words were “Hey, that hur . . . . . . . . . . “?


    Win-Stone Reply:

    But as to what Gaddafi’s last words were………


  3. Catherine says:

    As the mother of two small people I have no contention with the Daily Record’s priorities :-)


  4. Amaranthine says:

    Ha ha ha. Love those priorities. Clearly the editor is planning ahead by tempting the readers of the future. An inspired marketing plan.


  5. Dickie says:

    Gadaffi’s last words: “Free Peppa Pig”. Too little, too late.


  6. Fee says:

    Listen, Peppa Pig is no innocent. She got caught, along with her cohorts Sam, Bob and Pat, in a kidnap-for-ransom attempt on thon scarecrow-thing (who’s name escapes me). She was lucky this isn’t the States – she could have been looking at the death penalty there. And then she’d have been a very sorry piggie indeed (but delicious, as a bacon roll, with a wee dash o’ broon sauce). Next thing you know, she’ll be slapping in her compensation claim for slopping out …

    Okay. I may have had a tad too much caffeine.


  7. Win-Stone says:


    Who/what the bloody hell *is* Piggy Pep or whatever the damn name is?


    Fee Reply:

    An incredibly irritating kids’ TV show.


    Win-Stone Reply:

    Ah. That explains it: no kids – hence no kids TV.

    Having said that – no TV either!


  8. kate says:

    I have to dispute that Peppa Pig is an annoying TV show. In fact, compared to a lot of others, it’s downright great. However, the transition to 3D toys has not gone well… they don’t look right at all.


  9. The Jannie says:

    We saw Peppa Pig and Bob in our local town centre a while ago. We wondered at the time why two small people were wearing cloth buckets over their faces. That was certainly what the “outfits” looked like.


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