Feb 02

F1 forgotten!

Tag: UncategorizedKal @ 12:00 pm

Deary me – digging through my iPad I found a couple of lost-in-the-mists-of-time F1 posts I never published. Mea culpa.

I’d like to thanks Mr Nicholas Cagefor finding them for me, though it was abit of a shock to come across his curmudgeonly secret treasure hunting face in my room late at night.

More posts coming in the next few days.

7 Responses to “F1 forgotten!”

  1. Fee says:

    Nic Cage was in your room? And you didn’t call me? Gee, thanks, buddy.


  2. modog says:

    Well you will lose blog post drafts if you hide them in an ancient Native American temple covered by a National Park, with ingenious, unlikely and frankly downright dastardly booby traps at every angle.

    Anyone else think National Treasure is essentially a poorer version of Indiana Jones? (excepting the Crystal Skull, which was frankly stoopid)


  3. Win-Stone says:

    Is forgetting posts like that not the first sign of your nearing dotage?

    You know, like losing your what-cha-ma-call-it, your thingy. Oh damn, what’s it called? Oh, you know.. . . . . . . . . .


    Sewmouse Reply:

    And everyone knows that… thingy…. is the 2nd thing to go.


  4. Lucy says:

    More tales?…excellent, just give me a mo. Kettle on, good biccies from my stash at the back of the cupboard and laptop logged on….that’s me ready now Kal.


  5. The Jannie says:

    We’re ready. You’re about the only person on the planet who can make F1 interesting.


    Win-Stone Reply:

    Not interesting.

    Not interesting?


    Are you insinuating that watching paint dry is ** NOT INTERESTING????? **


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