Feb 22

Where now?

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Hey guys.

So…it’s quiet here huh?

There are some issues surrounding why it’s so quiet, but here’s the main one.

At the end of the winter I got a promotion to “Accident and Emergency Team Leader”. I’m working with a whole bunch of awesome people (like Pally) and learning more every day. When I’m on shift I’m largely responsible for the day to day operations of the station, the vehicles and the crews that work from it.

There’s a lot to do and more to learn.

The thing is, it means that I’m on the road a whole lot less than I used to be, seeing fewer patients. I still get a good bit of road time, but it’s nowhere near the levels as when I wasn’t “management”.

There are moments of drama in my days, but they are moments typically around staff and their own dramas.

I’m not writing about the personal problems of my team on the internet. I’m sure that goes without saying.

Further to this, I’m on call for “Medic One”, A&E’s specialist pre-hospital team. When they’re called out to do their thing, it’s my job to transport the team and then manage the scene. These incidents are frequently unusual, significant and reported in the press, thus neatly removing any anonymisation I could perform, at least in the immediate sphere.

I could write about my personal life, what I’m up to (which is quite a bit, it should be said) but I’m not convinced you’d be interested.

Or I could post more photos.

Or I could smile, wave at Trauma Queen, say “Thanks, it was a blast” and close the blog.

I dunno; my drive to produce content is based on wanting to please you, my readers.

So here’s the thing.

If I wrote more under the “Journal” and “Photo” tags and less under the “Thrilling Installment” or “Ambulance” tag, would you still come see me?

Or would I be shouting into the wind?

Cos I don’t wanna shut down, but if you guys just want ambulance stories, then maybe this place has run its course.

Thoughts, please.


140 Responses to “Where now?”

  1. ~ calista ~ says:

    Psht, it matters not what you write, I’ll still read it because you’re awesome {love your sense of humor and occasional vitriolic statements}. I might not comment, but I definitely read. Write what you will – I’ll read it :-}


    H D Inglis Reply:

    This is pretty much word-for-word what I came here to say. So – +1 to this. :)


    Ann Reply:



    Piper Reply:



    Chris Reply:

    Kal, Please, Please, Please, don’t stop!


  2. Rodafowa says:

    Speaking personally, my enjoyment of the blog derives from your writing at least as much as what you’re writing about. So I’m pretty much interested in reading anything that you want to post, to be honest.


  3. Tim says:


    Don’t back yourself into a corner by closing the blog; leave it open and post what you like, when you like. Yes, we all enjoy the thrilling installments etc because they are written so brilliantly, and if I had my way you’d post on every other day ;-). But some of us have been reading TQ for years, and in some small (and rather stalkerish) way, we feel like we know you as a friend.

    To be perfectly honest, I’ll still come and read and enjoy if the grand sum of your blogging comes to “cats are nice. I like cats” for 99.9% of the time, both because I enjoy your writing and your photography as well as on the off chance that you’ll post another thrilling installment, or about F1, or about ambulance or about ADDC…

    Blog what you like, I’ll still be here and I’m sure a lot of others will be too.

    By the way, congratulations on the promotion.


    Maggie Reply:

    I’m right there with Tim. Your writing is fantastic, whether you’re writing about guts and gore, people, or feelings. We’ll be here either way, and we are interested in your life. If nothing else, writing about the transition to management can be very interesting. I recently did the same myself (albeit in a different field) and nobody really tells you how strange it’s going to be.


  4. Lauren says:

    Congratulations on the promotion and all the exciting things! Photos and Journals and everything are lovely, even without the blood and guts and gore. Eloquent writing will always be welcome!


  5. carol d says:

    Mazel tov, Kal!

    Definitely want to keep reading whatever you write. I always learn something…



  6. Talieta says:

    Kal. Trauma Queen is my home page. ‘Nuff said

    P.S congrats on your promotion!


  7. MamaBee says:

    I’m echoing the others . . . I’m always glad to see you, even when it’s not ambulance related :) Post anything you like, but don’t go away. You’d be missed!


  8. MamaBee says:

    (Silly phone, slip of the fingers and I’ve hit post without congratulating you on your accomplishments! Well done!)


  9. Mrs F with 4 says:

    And no, please don’t stop writing…as Lauren said above, eloquence is always welcome. Hospitals, patients, cats, dogs, whatever. I’ll still read it (yes, I know I don’t comment. I’m shy…). Probably draw the line at belly button fluff, or detailed descriptions of toe jam…or perhaps not.
    Try us and see?


  10. Blanche says:

    Lurker here, coming out of the cave to add my congratulations and my 2 cents (American here) that whether you are covering the events of an ambulance run, the F1 races (which didn’t get near enough coverage to my liking from your last trip), or mundane daily events, your writing is always interesting. Please do continue!


  11. Nathan says:

    Although a recent reader, I’d be saddened to see you go Kal.
    You have always struck me as a beautiful person doing a devil’s own job, one I could not do myself, with sincerity and dignity. I would still check back here every Tuesday and Thursday (as is my habit) if there were Journal and Photography only.
    Seeing the world through an “ambo’s” eyes has been amazing, and echoing Tim I feel like I’ve made a friend on the other side of the world. Please don’t stop.
    You could always have guest contributors from your staff to keep our Thrilling Instalment thirsts quenched if you so wished. You could proofread than Kal-ify their submissions.


    Brad Reply:

    Good idea Nathan.
    Kal, if the only ingredient missing from your brilliant blog is the Thrilling Instalments, guest contributors with the editor Kal touch may keep everyone satisfied.
    Congrats on your promotion.
    Please keep up the good work.


  12. RedHillian says:

    Well, I read it through the RSS aggregators, so I don’t need to remember to “come back” for new content – but I’d look forward to what you posted, especially anything F1 or desert related (I have a pretty good handle on what you do day to day, which is pretty much the same reason I don’t do it), that’s the most interesting content for me.

    That said, I’d probably read a shopping list if you posted it in your normal style – most recently you’ve been amusing me with the mere combination of trying to find out the BSL for “turkish jail”.

    Oh, and congrats on the promotion – hope it’s enjoyable.


  13. Amanda says:

    Can’t add anything new to the above comments. I’ll read anything you write.
    Congrats on the promotion too.


  14. theshortearedowl says:

    Ooh, I like the idea of Kal-ifying your team’s stories. But also it would be interesting to hear more about how it all looks from the next level up. Congrats on the promotion, and keep writing plz!


  15. Melanie says:

    Yes, I think I’d like to read whatever you care to write as well. I’ve loved the ambulance stories, loved the F1 stories, the Abu Dhabi stories, and I’ve loved your posts about visiting friends, loved all the photos…I agree with everyone else so far; just let it be what it needs to be. As a wise friend of mine told me, “it will find its level.” I’m so happy that all your hard work has paid off for you; it has been so cool to follow you over the last few years, reading about your adventures and things you’ve learned, and now to read that all that has paid off, so to speak. Maybe it’s a little stalkerish or voyeuristic, but I like to think of it as kind of like a memoir in real time. Thanks for letting us tag along, whatever you choose to do. Cheers. :)


  16. jean says:

    Congratulations on the promotion! I check in frequently and would miss your stories – especially about Abu Dhabi. My husband is a medic here in the States so I can relate to much of what you do/did.


  17. MinCat says:

    nonono don’t go! all tags are welcome. and wanted.


  18. Alistair MacDonald says:

    Hi Kal I understand your dilemma having been a reader of Random acts of reality since it’s beginning and I appreciate like Reynolds your career must move onwards and upwards. Please don’t close the blog as the ambulance stories aren’t all you write about and likek most readers I enjoy every aspect of your writings. Congratulations on your promotion keep up the good work.


    Heather Uphilldowndale Reply:

    Congrats Kal, it doesn’t seem many weeks ago we were by your side as you started your paramedic training.Nothing stays the same for ever, just do what you want with and on your blog, I know you do other writing as well (or at least you did!) I hope you continue to tap into that vein of creativity, life will be the richer (and healthier?)
    Heather Uphilldowndale


  19. petrolhead says:

    Congratulations on the promotion, Kal!! I agree with Nathan – get some guest writers!


  20. Scott says:

    I only came across your blog recently and eagerly devoured the back catalog over the course of an otherwise entirely unproductive couple of days. I won’t pretend I wouldn’t miss the blood and guts (and educational!) trauma stories, but the thing is, you’re an excellent writer and anything you’ve put up on any subject has been worth reading. It may be that fewer runs just leaves you with less inspiration overall, but this is teh interwebs… post when you like, on what you like. I’ve got your feed on tap, I hope to keep seeing posts pop up there. Cheers!


  21. Dan says:

    I’ve always enjoyed whatever you had to share, Kal. I’ll miss the ambulance stories, but I don’t want to lose your voice, or your eye for pictures.


  22. Dawn Z(ed) says:

    I was initially drawn to your blog because of the ambulance stories, but I stuck around because of your writing. Where other blogs have fallen out of my RSS feed, yours is still there, and I am always happy when I see an unread post waiting. I like the way you tell a story, your story, and if your story now includes less ambulance and more other than so be it.

    Congrats on the promotion!


  23. kell says:

    I love the way you write and look forward to reading your posts- be they ambulance related or otherwise. Congrats on the promotion, please stick around!


  24. al says:

    Write more.


  25. Alex says:

    Congratulations on the promotion. And I’ll continue to follow, because I just plain like your writing and photos.

    (EMT who escaped from the ambulance life, here.)


  26. steve says:

    I’ve always really enjoyed the personal writing you’ve done, and would love to read more. Please don’t go :)


  27. Heron says:

    I’m on board with Tim. Leave it open in case you ever feel like posting something. I’d be bummed if you disappeared into the ether entirely. Heck, I’ve been reading for what, 3 years? 4 years? Certainly before you were a paramedic, and perhaps just before you started paramedic training. I like how you approach and write about your patients, which is why I’ve stuck around. I’m less into photography and so forth (more into it if it’s of cats, but never mind), but I’d probably still read or at least skim it. It is your blog, so you should post what you like.

    Congratulations on the promotion! I hope that’s still a good thing for you in a year or few.


  28. mitch says:

    Hi Kal.
    For what it’s worth I’d say keep writing and just empty your mind onto the blog. In the past few years you’ve taught me stuff, interested me, made me cry and made me laugh. I’ll be sticking around to see what you post, be that pictures or words.

    Your promotion’s been hard won and well deserved, congratulations.


  29. K says:

    Yeh, please keep posting. I’m a paramedic so I can live without ambulance stories, but I find it really interesting to see the other stuff you do with your qualification, and I like your attitude. Don’t go! :)


  30. PenguinEMT says:

    First of all, congratulations! You’ve done well and you deserve it. As for the blog, here are my two cents.
    Once you’ve been reading a blog faithfully for a long time you get to feel as if you know the author somewhat, and for me that is what keeps me coming back. Over the years you’ve shared some very personal moments with us, and that’s what builds a connection with your readers. I’ll be back no matter what you post. Your writing is phenomenal no matter the subject.


  31. Lizz says:

    I would love to read more about your life, and more pictures etc! :) x


  32. James says:

    Congratulations on the promotion mate. A+E Team leader, I can still remember the immortal line you write a blog don’t cha ?

    The need for PT privacy is paramount and I can understand how you are finding it difficult. Honestly the decision is up to you , I’ve been following your wee blog for years through good times and bad. I’d be sad to see it gone not just because of the thrilling instalments but for the sheer quality of the writing.

    Some more Pics from the F1 or the Desert challenge wouldn’t go amiss though ! :P


  33. BloodyStudent says:

    Write whatever you want Kal, I think people will still read it, I certainly will :) (Although, in fairness, if you shouted it into the wind, I could probably hear it from the hospital ;)) And congratulations!


  34. Melanie says:

    Congratulations on the promotion, you’ve come a long way in a few short years!

    You write beautifully, so I’d keep reading whatever the subject. I won’t pretend I won’t miss the drama and blood’n’guts stuff, but you can’t compromise on things like patient anonymity. Keep the blog open, post as & when & what you like, and I’ll keep you in my reader and relish whatever you write.


  35. Deborah Par says:

    Write what you feel like writing – you’re a good writer and story teller and there’s not that many of those around. We can cope with quality even if the quantity becomes a bit less!


  36. Kittycow says:

    It’s not what you write, Kal, it’s how you write it. You could write 500 words on what you had for breakfast and I’d still be gripped.

    I’ve always seen a blog as a kind of mind-spill, somewhere to store your thoughts, feelings and stories when you don’t want them to slip away in the future. Whether that’s stories from the front line, family anecdotes or Zomg Pancakes, doesn’t matter, it’s your brain.

    Congrats too, well deserved and I hope with greater responsibility comes greater monies :)


  37. Leliwa says:

    Dude, I just want to read your stuff or look at awesome pictures!


  38. Amaranthine says:

    I’m going with the flow here – many congratulations on the big promotion but please just carry on writing something. It would be a shame not to hear your thoughts ever again. Nazi Darwinism is a particular favourite!


  39. David Precious says:

    Another echo of congratulations on the promotion, and “keep on blogging”.

    Whatever you choose to post about, your blog will stay in my feed reader; you have a rare eloquence which means that even if you were writing about a mundane topic, I think it would still be a good read. I doubt the topics you’d choose to write about would be mundane though; I’m sure you’ve plenty of interesting things going on, and perhaps some past memories of memorable ambulance jobs which have yet to be written up :)

    Leave the blog open, and post as and when you feel like it, on whatever topic you feel like. I have a feeling you’ll still have plenty of readers happily reading those posts, whenever they are.


  40. Patch says:

    Looks like the consensus is to keep writing. See you in a few weeks over here in the sand pit.


  41. Win-Stone says:

    First off – congrats and serious pats on that back for the promotion. If anyone deserves it, it’s you.

    Secondly – The blog is, and has to remain your decision. If you want to continue then please do; I think I’ll be echoing everyone in saying that we’ll quite happily read whatever you write. So, think about it long and hard – then decide. I, and everyone else will happily back your final decision, regardless of what it is; yes, we’ll be sorry to see you go, but the decision to continue has to be yours and yours alone.

    Thirdly – is there any reason why, if you do decide to continue, you can’t run a few more ‘guest posts’. Rings the changes and makes interesting reading to boot?

    Fourthly – and from a purely personal and selfish point of view; stop and I’ll likely come down and break your arms. And you know I could! :-)


    Kittycow Reply:

    But if you do that, how will he write more stuff afterwards? With his nose?


    Win-Stone Reply:

    No, no, no…. I only break his arms IF HE STOPS!

    If he then can’t write well, it doesn’t matter. After all, anything he wrote would only be work related and, in comparison to the blog, that’s a minor triviality and inconvenience. :-)

    (Actually, if he couldn’t write, he’d be crap at admin and might have to ‘go back on the road’. Ooh, food for thought indeedy!)


  42. Winter Wiccan says:

    Congratulations Kal! I agree with other comments, it is not what you write, it is HOW you write and you do write wonderful stories that take us into the heart of the issue at hand. I am sure we would still be interested in what ever you want to write about. For people who still want to read the ambulance stuff, you could consider the idea of guest writers, I am sure we all have the odd story we could share.


  43. Pam says:

    There are some people I read just because I think they are wonderful writers. I would miss your writing like I miss some musicians who no longer perform. Do as your heart moves you; I’m grateful for what you’ve given.


  44. Fee says:

    Congrats on the promotion – well deserved, I’m sure.

    Given that some of your readers are locals, I can see how post-limiting the new job is without blowing confidentiality out of the water. Still, even when you’re posting interesting pictures, or random happenings with friends/cats/drunks in the stair, I still pop over for a browse.

    I’d miss you if you stopped, along with everyone else who’s commented.


  45. Shorty says:

    Congratulations. I have never commented before, but have followed this for a few years now, and I’ll read whatever you post, and like many others, I’d say leave it open, do what you wish with it, but don’t close it down :)


  46. Melissa says:

    Here’s another vote from the “keep it up” crowd.


  47. Sean says:

    Agree with all the others here, Kal. I love reading your writing, no matter what the subject. Don’t stop!


  48. Heyho says:

    awww….I would be awfy sad if you didn’t continue writing in some capacity…you encouraged me with some writing a couple of years ago and you’ve really inspired me to continue. Hope you are happy in your new job, congratulations xx


  49. Jake says:

    The photos are consistently excellent and the personal stuff is always just as interesting as the ambulance bits. I say carry on.


  50. modog says:

    *Insert echo of most of the above*

    Couple of comments in addition. I only think you should continue if you can continue to find the inspiration and enjoyment out of it that you (presumably!) got from TQ in the days you were always on the road. If it’s stopped being fun, then so be it – it’s been a damn good read for me for the past coupla years and from the sounds of it for some people from pretty much the start of your blogging.

    If however you still enjoy the writing, even if it’s the oddball stuff, I think you’d get a decent number of readers. Sure, you’d lose some, but as has been said above me, it’s about the sheer quality of writing as well as the content.

    I think guest entries could be cool, but only if you’d continue to feel real ownership of it – but I don’t think you should “Kalify” them, unless it’s been passed on word-of-mouth. The brilliance of your writing always seems to come from the experience you had of whatever situation you’re telling us about, and the immediacy wouldn’t be the same second hand. (actually on the subject of guest publications, if my interviews go well I may start having some material for you from paramedic training at uni in the next 9 months!)

    At the end of the day, TQ might continue in a less traumatic form in future, but it’s author would still rule (see what I did there…?)


  51. Croila says:

    I always liked the personal stuff – to be honest, those are the blogs I’ve always liked best. Nosy, I guess!


  52. Croila says:

    Oh and big congratulations on the promotion too! Am not remotely surprised to hear of it though well chuffed for you :-D


    Katherine Reply:

    Yes, congratulations! Croila, Jon and I had one of those first world problems/angsty bloggers ‘what the hell do we do with our blogs’ conversations a while back, we should have had you round to join in.

    You write really well so I say keep it up, whatever it’s on, I enjoyed your pre-ambulance days posts just as much.


  53. Rosie says:

    Please keep the blog going, when you find the time! Don’t mind what you’d like to write about: you have such a great turn of phrase, I’m always interested – even in such unlikely subjects as desert races!

    Best wishes from a long time reader, first time commenter.


  54. Freddie says:

    I’ll still come and see you Kal, don’t worry!! Please stay open!!!


  55. Em says:

    Echoing all the above, I’ll keep reading anything you write.


  56. Flossy says:

    I agree with everyone else – keep posting, I’ll read it whatever it’s about, photos are always cool too!


  57. AbsolutQueer says:

    Please keep posting- I love your writing, your sense of humour and your eye for a good line and a good moment.

    I’d never thought I’d be interested in someone standing on the side of the road during F1, but you got me interested.

    Will read anything…

    And congrats on the promotion- well deserved.


  58. Kat says:

    Yep, another keep writing and I’ll keep reading vote from me!
    Yay for the new job


  59. Chris says:

    Well done!

    Life moves on, and it’s brave to call time on something with such a following and a place in life. And right to think that this blog works because you can anonymise and share the on the ground stuff in a way ou can’t now.

    I would see how it goes. And do more photos etc. or you could try blip for that…

    Take care!


  60. Cuissesdetonnerre says:

    Over the years I have followed various blogs for a while then they fall by the wayside. I’ve been lurking on yours for about 4 1/2 years now and your writing is consistently gripping and thought-provoking. It’s the only blog I have followed for as long as this. For so long as you have something you want to say, I’ll be happy to read it. Warmest congratulations on your promotion. Please don’t go.


  61. Sarge says:

    I could always arrange a return back to the coalface if you like ;-)

    Keep writing mate!


    modog Reply:

    why do i get the impression this is the boss…? :-P


  62. Louise says:

    Congratulations on the promotion!

    Can I add my voice to those saying that I’d read anything you write. You’ve got a fantastic writing style: you’ve made me laugh, gasp and cry, often in the same post. Plus you’ve written about F1! I’d miss your blog if you stopped writing, but the final decision has to be yours.

    Take care.


  63. kai says:

    I’m sure you’ll be able to write thrilling installments even about writing out shift rotation lists and find some curious and enlightening aspects of that to tell us about. Let the texts come at their own pace, I’ll be following.


  64. Liz says:

    congrats to you.

    don’t close the blog. you are the best writer of any of the blogs i read.

    thanks, queen :-)


  65. Gadgets says:

    Kal, I have just found this blog site after training as Community Responder. I think your style of writing is amazing as you have a knack of describing a situation vividly. I think you should keep this site open, as your new role develops it will bring up issues or scenarios that you maybe able to write about. Keep it going!


  66. Lucy says:

    Lots of hugs and congrats Kal.

    In response to your question of whether you should continue writing….Frankly, you could write my shopping list and still make it into something brilliant with your inimitable style. If you stop writing this blog and sharing your thoughts with us I’d be so annoyed that I’d consider looking out my passport to head East to talk some sense into you…:-)



  67. JC says:

    Of all the memorable stuff you’ve posted, the stories about your grandmother were the ones I shared with everyone I care about. You’re like an unmet family member, and your writing touches more people than you’ll ever realize. Thanks for all you’ve given; I look forward to what’s next.


  68. Boomer says:

    Don’t listen to him folks. When it comes to MEDIC1 he drives the team and then his job is just to stay the fuck out the way while folk get on with business. :P

    Anyway you’ll be back on the road in no time when the next general manager realises he can get rid of 4 team leaders out of city station and replace them with 2 band 2 administration assistants. :-)


  69. Heather the Vet says:

    Please don’t close the blog, write whatever, post photos, dredge up old stories you haven’t covered yet, but just keep posting. As so any have said already – it’s about your writing more than what you write about.
    With you all the way big fella,
    H x


  70. Sonya says:

    Please do keep writing, regardless of topic.


  71. D says:

    please do write! Love your ambulance stories, but really just like hearing from you!


  72. Ellie says:

    I’m still reading, Kal.


  73. Amanda B says:

    You’re a brilliant photographer – I would love to see more. Write what you feel like. I just love lurking back every now and then to catch up.


  74. k8 says:

    *squints* Oh honey, you really think this blog’s about the ambulance stories? If you’ll pardon the pun, i always saw them as the vehicle for what you really needed to say. I know there’s nothing worse than feeling obligated to write when you don’t have the words, so i won’t demand you write. But my vote is definitely for your continuing here if you’ve got the words (and the pictures!). Even if it’s just the weather, your breakfast choices, and the Thrilling Adventures of the DigitalLife.



  75. S says:

    please stay, I’ve only just found you and I think your writing style is wonderful. I’ve been reading forwards from the beginning of this location (and yes I hunted backwards a bit as well) and I liked reading about the lirary as well so it’s not just trauma. We want to listen to your own wonderful take on the worrld Kal, just write us something and we’ll be happy (or at least I will). So yet another vote for don’t close, yay ambulance stories and yay other stories as well :-) ad yay for you and your promotion.


  76. TheLadyDoozer says:

    It’s the talent that counts, not necessarily the topic. I’d read your blog even if you just wrote about your last trip to the supermarket.


    insomniacmedic Reply:

    Yup. What she said!


  77. Mercury says:

    What they ^^ said.

    I started reading this blog years back because I was considering becoming an ambulance tech myself. Ultimately I decided not to, but the quality of the writing here keeps drawing me in. Over the years you have given me laugh-out-loud-in-the-office moments, you have made me cry over my keyboard, and only last week I was pointing someone in the direction of one of your old posts so they could learn about why they get light-headed when they pass a big jobbie…

    If you stop writing TQ, I’ll miss reading it. As others have said though, it has to be your choice.

    Congratulations on your promotion, I hope you find your new role as interesting and fun as the old one…


  78. Paramed student says:

    I’ve learnt more from you about the realities of being a paramedic than I have in most of my university classes.
    Please, don’t stop.


  79. Frank says:

    Please keep blogging – get your colleagues to supply stories that can’ be identified. Or talk about yourself. Or give us more on the motor sport.


  80. Linda says:

    Please don’t go. I really look forward to reading what you write, and I think with all that you’ve seen and the gift for writing that you have you could write journal entries based on your different experiences and the topics they inspire you to think about. Even if you don’t mention specific cases you would still have a very loyal reader in Michigan U.S.A.


  81. Sewmouse says:

    Dear Boy –

    I’ve followed you from blog to blog to… and will do so as long as you let me.

    Your Stalker


  82. EmilyT says:

    It’s not exactly what you write, but how you write it that keeps me reading. You could write about cornflakes or different types of carpet tiles and I’m sure it would still turn out interesting! Keep going :)


  83. Loth says:

    You are a writer. A good one. You could be paraphrasing the phone book and I would still click over to read.


  84. Loth says:

    Also, my children repeatedly tell me you are the coolest person they have ever met. How could I face the loss of brownie points if I could no longer report to them on what you are up to? So you see, it would be very selfish of you to stop.


  85. Prakash says:

    Nice post, keep going



  86. Jasper says:

    Well, everything has been said already. Please do continue.


  87. insomniacmedic says:

    First, congrats on the step-up. You must be a little nuts to do it, but good for you!

    Secondly, I have nothing really to add to the dozens of voices above. I love your writing and as a bonus I’m a keen fan of photography in general and yours in particular.

    As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep coming back to read. And as long as you keep posting photos, I’ll come back to have a nose around.

    The ambulance stories will still happen, even if they are fewer in number and less frequent, but your talent of conveying reality, both grim and otherwise, to those who don’t see what we do, is a talent that shouldn’t be wasted.

    Good luck Kal!


  88. Lady V says:

    I would cry if you closed the blog :-( happy to hear from you as you always have something interesting to say. Congratulations on the new job, hope it is fulfilling x


  89. Scott says:

    Keep writing! You could always just invent the ambulance stories?


  90. Cas says:

    Just love the way you write – so keep writing about anything you like.


  91. kiri says:

    So Kal, can your head still fit through the door after all these comments (must be a record: I am # 88)?
    Reading your posts makes me feel closer to Edinburgh, the Black Isle, FlatmateGiles and all the rest. Even if it sometimes makes me feel queasy it also makes me feel less homesick.
    What about a few more competitions? I loved the hat guessing game.
    Or a writing (or photo) competition for your readers? You give the topic, we submit to you and the readers choose the best story?
    Miss you


    minidoc Reply:

    I agree with kiri. I partly read your blog for nostalgia for the days of Red Cross when you worked in the courts, the digitals weren’t married and I was a student. It also means I can find out what you and the digitals are up to now! We’re all growing up but I don’t think what you have to write will be any less poignant/amusing/interesting. I think the photo or writing competition is a good idea, especially if you know there will be a period of time when you won’t have much to write about.


  92. Your Second Youngest Older Brother says:

    Bah humbug, I don’t think the problem is whether you should keep writing the blog, it’s whether the promotion is the right job for you. After all, surely your job is a vehicle for your stories. If you really cared about your readers (and I have finally become one having recently got my head around this RSS thingy), I think you should evaluate your new job in that light. If it doesn’t generate stories, sack it.

    Obviously, if you do manage to get some stories from it, happy days, but if you find inspiration drying up, I for one would love to read your blogs on a new venture of living rough, surviving on a diet of super strength lager and phoning ambulance crews for ‘assistance’.

    Well done, mate



  93. Win-Stone says:

    Further to my earlier post…….

    Ok, so this is NOT in any way scientific – in as much as I haven’t actually gone through all the replies and done an exact note but. .. .. ..

    I think that it’s possibly reasonable to assume that there is, perhaps, a minuscule majority in favour of you following the title of the Carry On movie set in the establishment W.C Bog and Sons. :-)

    I fully appreciate, however, that I might be wrong here……………………….


  94. Mike says:

    Congratulations on the promotion.

    Your blog, written for your pleasure; some may drop out, many more will find it and enjoy it.

    Don’t stop until you’ve had enough.

    Whatever, have a good life.


  95. Cath says:

    As long as you enjoy writing it, we will enjoy reading it, I think. Ever considered fiction? I’d buy the book in a heartbeat :-)


  96. Carrie says:

    Post anything. You know I love it all.

    Carrie xxx


  97. Helena says:

    Firstly, congrats on the job, well done :) Secondly….no, no, no, do not stop writing! You could write about anything and it would still be wonderful to read. x


  98. Worrals says:

    Well, I might be joining the party late and I think the outcome is already decided, but I couldn’t let this post go by without saying, you write brilliantly. So please carry on.


  99. David says:

    Please write! It is more about the style and voice than the subject. Tell us about life in Scotland, weekend adventures, stuff!


  100. The Jannie says:

    Gie’s a breck. If you close Trauma Queen I’ll have nothing to space out the porn sites in my bookmarks file. Congrats on the promotion; it’s nice to hear that there are still organisations where the managers actually know how to do the jobs they’re managing.


  101. Fish Wife's Tales says:

    Congratulations on the new role! I started reading the comments above without noticing that there were over 100! Did anyone want you to stop writing? I know I don’t, even though I only visit TQ at the weekends. Keep up the great work.


  102. Charley says:

    Please carry on! I’ve been reading this blog for well over a year now, I love it and would still read it.


  103. MSgt B says:

    Congratulations on your promotion, Kal.

    I’ve been away for a few weeks myself, work related. You’ll note that kept posting on my blog daily (a personal requirement) but my content has suffered badly. (and that’s saying a lot, my content was never much to shake a stick at in the first place)

    What has suffered more has been the time I have to wander the intertubes and read other blogs. So I stopped by Trauma Queen today, and found this post up from a few days ago, where you question whether you should keep up the effort.

    Immediately, I sought out the “comment” link to shout “Yes! Keep the free ice cream flowing!”
    It was then I noticed that there were OVER ONE HUNDRED COMMENTS IN FOUR DAYS

    I don’t think I can add anything meaningful to that.


  104. Samky says:

    Congratulations on the promotion.

    I will read whatever you care to write. Please do not shut down TQ. I check in with you most every day.

    You bring laughter and tears whether you are writing about the ambulance or yarn in trees.


  105. Morpheus says:

    Write. Create. Never stop. You have a gift, apply it. I’ve been following this blog for a long time and I’m vicariously proud of what you’ve achieved.


  106. oliviascotland says:

    Congratulations on the promotion! Please keep writing – as so many others have said, if you enjoy writing it, we’ll enjoy reading it – work-related or not! You have a gift for writing – please don’t stop until you wish to.


  107. karen says:

    I’ve not read all of the above but I’m sure I’m not alone in saying DONT YOU DARE CLOSE THIS BLOG!
    I love reading this, seeing the photos, nosying in your life and work. You have a wonderful talent for writing.
    So do you have pips on the shoulders now? My husband has just got his pips but followed a more clinical path than you. He still gets to drive around in a fast car with flashing lights regularly!
    And dont forget there’s all the trips abroad playing with helicopters and sand and stuff…..


  108. LizW says:

    Thrilling stories are all very well, and we like them, but the thing that keeps us coming back here is the quality of the writing. Some people can write up a blog post about a trip to the corner shop to buy milk and make it entertaining; you are one of those people.

    Congratulations on the promotion, and I hope you’ll carry on writing here, whatever it’s about.


  109. Baccha says:

    Umm, what they ^^ said… Except the bit about porn bookmarks. }:)


  110. Miu says:

    I’ve read this blog for a couple of years now and never commented until now. Even if I am the one hundred and eighth person to say so, congratulations on your well deserved promotion and please continue to write about anything that crosses your mind. I will read it no matter its content.


  111. Jayzay says:

    Please, please, please keep writing. I am a long time lurker, but had to come out of hiding for this. You are a talented writer and we would hate to lose you! Congrats on the promo.


  112. Gail says:

    Hooray, a new post!

    Yes, I’m interested in reading about what you are up to, your life is not like mine at all, and even if it was, it would be more interesting when you write it.

    So as long as you don’t want to shut down the blog, we (clearly) don’t want you to either.

    And congratulations, I’m pleased for you.


  113. Heyho says:

    October 8th 2004….yup, I’ve been re-reading your posts!! You posted a list of 200 Questions of things to do…..have you done them all yet? I could only tick about 4 and that makes me sad and you know we like to live life vicariously through you!


  114. VinaigretteGirl says:


    You must suit yourself, of course, but I will always read what you write, even about F1, which I detest. Yours is truly a vox humana and I would miss it terribly. Also, you are the only blogger to whom I have sent one of my favourite poems…

    Please stay. Go if you must.


  115. Net says:

    Kal-you could write about how safety pins work and make it interesting and emotive. You are such a talented writer with the ability to make everything gripping reading. Whether its about ambulance stuff, or racing, or the route you travel to take the rubbish out I want to read it, just because you make it all so interesting.

    If you want to blog something then do it-cos I know I’ll keep reading :)


  116. Tom says:

    Congratulations on the promotion Kai.

    Keep the blog going. It is always entertaining and sprinkled with brilliant humour.


  117. Chrisca50 says:

    Kal – You have such a way with words, a gift, keep on writing and continue to making us laugh and cry. Congrats on the promotion.


  118. Clare says:

    The way you write? I`d read it if you wrote the back of cereal packets.
    Well done on the promotion!


  119. AC says:

    You stop writing and I’ll fly over and hunt you down. It’s much easier on everyone involved if you just keep writing.


  120. June says:

    One hundred and thirty one comments and you are still accepting more? You are shameless. Get a grip and get on with it.


  121. Henry says:

    Kal. You must continue. Stopping Trauma Queen would be the end of an era! No, no, nooooo.


  122. Shiny says:

    Nooooooooooo Kal: don’t do it!!!! You cannae shut doon the TQ site. Our already sad wee lives would be bereft without youse, lad. (I’d have written this sooner but I’m just back off remote holidays with no internet and only just seen this post.)

    Tell us about your life, personal posts in the past have been just as interesting as your ambulance posts, so as long as you’re ok with sharing I’ll happily keep reading. And without wanting any personals on your staff team it’d be good to know more about what your new post entails too.

    Keep writing Kal, or I’ll be joining the team of folk coming to hunt you down. And I’m a lot closer than some of them too. I could get there a whole lot quicker….. Lol.


  123. Wendy K says:

    Dear Kal. Your insight into life and people and the world, is what keeps me coming back to TQ. Your writing
    voice is almost etheral and it makes every story you share a fabulous non-stop read.
    I understand that real life can take away the time, energy and interest you have in
    maintaining this blog (btw, CONGRATULATIONS on the promotion!). Your photograpy
    is wonderful too! It would be a sad day for me (and all of us here) to find that you’d
    shut TQ down. Having said all this, I would love to continute to read about events that you
    travel to, people that you see/interact with, life in Management etc. Thank you for shaing
    your life with us this far!


  124. Yorkie says:

    @Post 119….Seconded!


  125. DH says:

    It’s all been said above but feel like I need to say it myself as well. I’ve been reading (lurking on?) your blog for a few years now, but haven’t really commented. Your writing is fantastic and your stories inspirational. I’m now several months into my paramedic course at uni and looking forward to a great career – a path I chose partly thanks to reading your excellent stories. Please keep blogging, I’ll keep reading no matter what you’re writing about. And congrats on your promotion!


  126. Andrew says:

    Kal, I have never written in to anything before, but have to come out here: PLEASE keep this going. You were at a certain Castle in the Borders getting your Para ticket while I was learning to be a Tech, and we met briefly, so I have always been aware of your generous nature. Your blog has taught me a great deal about the job, and myself. Thank you, and I hope for more to come


  127. Penelope Rock says:

    “Cos I don’t wanna shut down, but if you guys just want ambulance stories, then maybe this place has run its course.”

    Yeah, as a reader I want to know and read about ambulance stories, and as a medical practitioner, I’m quite curious and interested in different cases you are posting and will gonna post. And please please, don’t shut down this blog, eh.

    Take care,
    Peny@The Importance of the Nurses’ Health Study


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