Apr 07

Vanishing point baby, aftermath.

Tag: PhotosKal @ 7:44 am

IMG_0193 copy

And beyond the vanishing point?

There’s a baby who’d like you to fuck off with the camera already.

4 Responses to “Vanishing point baby, aftermath.”

  1. parodie says:

    HA! Lovely. The progression from one pic to the next was quite well played. :)


  2. kiri says:

    Kal, that baby is really cute. This might sound really strange but, is it my baby? We had a pram with stripes and that nose looks a bit familiar but I can’t remeber having a baby cup like that.


    Kal Reply:

    kiri ยป That is totally your baby :)


    kiri Reply:

    Now she is even cuter! I was going to claim her straight away but I really wasn’t sure and was scared that I might upset the real mum!


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