Jun 10

Doctor to the door, please.

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Gus was clear with us.

“You want to give the crew a ride on the skids? That’s no problem.”

So that afternoon, I sidled up to Lisa.

“You wanna fly?”


“You’ve been out before, right?”


Well then.

We stood in the sand and I helped her step into the monkey harness, over the shoulders and tight around the hips. Then I clipped her end to end onto the floor of the heli and sat her on the edge.

“If you don’t like it, just let me know, yeah? We’ll swing you back in any time.”

She nodded, settled into place and the engines started to spin up.

(special award to those of you who spot her at 0:14 realising that I am in fact rolling video and not shooting a picture and she doesn’t have to hold the thumbs-up grin. Sorry Lisa. Also, apologies for the terrible camera work, I shoot stills)

I was shitting myself, sweating and swallowing, knowing that her safety on that edge was down to me not making a cunt of things.

There were no safety nets, if I got my job wrong at this point, I’d put my mate in horrible danger. And worse, a horrible danger that was an entirely unrequired risk. We’re not flying doors-open for any operational reason.

We’re doing so “just because”.

She loved the ride, as most folk do, giggling as we landed that “It’s the one seat in the helo that doesn’t make me sick.”

But what I loved was this.

Lisa knows me fine well. Better than most members of the team; we holidayed in Bali together for two and a half weeks a few years ago.

I had no opportunity to bluff or bravado my way through clipping her in, she knew I was learning by doing, knew this was one of the first times I’d done this to somebody else without another member of SAR looking over my shoulder.

And she trusted me, no questions or doubt.

This team?

They’re amazing.

The event is great, flying is fun and the skills I learn every year are valuable and applicable.

But the people I work with?

They keep me coming back.

12 Responses to “Doctor to the door, please.”

  1. Vinaigrette Girl says:

    That made me breathless. thank you! (SFW comment, honestly.) MSF.


  2. Fee says:

    Dun-da-da-dun-dun, dun-da-da-dun-dun. I would so love to do that, with the music basting (if only in my little head!)


  3. Cadbury Moose says:

    Before you know it, you’d be singing “Kill the Wabbit”.


  4. The Jannie says:

    See? Told you. Personal desert theme park and private white knuckle ride. Kids nowadays . . .


  5. Win-Stone says:

    Tell you one thing that you notice from that helicopter based video……………..

    Boy, but when the tide goes out……………… ;-)


  6. Yorkie says:

    Jealous much..
    And more pics of the lovely Lisa :-)


  7. Gail says:

    the helicopter shadow on the sand – very cool


  8. Cath says:

    Bringing the doctor closer to the patient, one step at the time!


  9. Win-Stone says:

    Quiet in here, innit. :-)


  10. Cadbury Moose says:

    Shhhh! We’re hunting wabbits.


    Win-Stone Reply:

    Pesky Wabbits


  11. Libby says:

    You ok Kal? Haven’t heard anything for a while… :/ *hugs*


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