Jul 16

Obligatory accommodation shot.

On our last night, I look down the length of the bunk house.

“Jesus…this place is a shit-hole.”


James looks up from his bedroll.

“In our defence…it was when we moved in, too.”


Fair point.


6 Responses to “Obligatory accommodation shot.”

  1. kiri says:

    Maybe the kids don’t need to tidy their room today. Its a tip, but not that much of a tip…


  2. Fee says:

    Hah! You should see the state of my kids’ rooms … makes that place look like a palace.


  3. Win-Stone says:

    Would I be correct in my presumption that it’s as aromatic as it is untidy? :-)


  4. Sewmouse says:

    This is Dubai, Right?
    And…that’s like in the middle of that whole Arab/Islam area place thingy, right?
    And they have boys and girls all sleeping in the same room together there????
    That doesn’t seem… for lack of a better phrase, Kosher.


  5. The Jannie says:

    . . . . but it’s OUR shithole . . . .


  6. Pa State Cop says:

    The windows are intact. There IS a door/hatch and no bullet holes. I imagine there are flush commodes not too far and hot water for a shower. Been in worse.


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