Aug 08

ALS course


Which, it transpires, stands for “Assorted Lovely Scones”.

Doctors get the best free munchies.

5 Responses to “ALS course”

  1. Karen says:

    yummy yummy, save one for me!


  2. Fee says:

    That’s the only bad thing about free food – it scone before you know it.

    Sorry. I’ll get my coat…


    Cadbury Moose Reply:

    Is that the one with a stone of scones in the pocket(s)? ITWSBT


  3. Heyho says:

    Having been “required” to lurk around Morningside these past few months I can safely say the the scones in Blackwoods in Morningside Road are the best in town…I want a job as a scone afficionado…well they said to set an achievable goal!!!


  4. Heyho says:

    *taps computer screen* are you out there….missing your posts Kal…though the scone does look good but missing the twisted limbs and radge counting in your stories x


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