Sep 05

Kept in suspense.

A touring theatre company asked for a paramedic in the wings for each performance, one of their actors was to be suspended by his ankles for some time and they were nervous the top of his head would blow off.

Each night, after shift end, the day shift team leader would make their way to the theatre and stand in the back stage for an hour, listening to tech cues and watching the scene we were required for.

By the time I caught the whole show as a punter I could mouth along with the actors in our bit.


2 Responses to “Kept in suspense.”

  1. karen says:

    Suspense is truly the right term! What was the play?? You cant post something like that and then not tell us about the play!


  2. Fee says:

    Ah, the joys of the Festival (or Fringer, whatever). Years ago, a friend and I made it a mission to attend every free show we could find. They varied from funny to horrific to deeply disturbing. We giggled all the way through a one-woman show, only to be told afterwards it wasn’t meant to be funny. Our slightly drunken insistance that it was indeed funny didn’t go down too well with the poor, tortured artiste!


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