Oct 05


Because its pretty. And when else can you get to use the word “cupola”?


7 Responses to “Cupola.”

  1. The Girl says:

    I never knew there was a special name for something that beautiful!
    thank you for enriching my vocabulary.

    I will give you ‘Acetabulum’…


  2. karen says:

    But where is it?


  3. Ann says:

    If it weren’t for the chandelier, the perspective on that photo would be really interesting- put your hand over the chandelier, and it all turns inside-out!
    I give you “Schinkenbrot”… just a word I like!


  4. Win-Stone says:

    Quote:………”And when else can you get to use the word “cupola”?”

    Well, you could, for example, be talking about the Commander’s Cupola on a tank

    – or –

    Sorry, do you want me to go on?



  5. Michael Flynn says:

    Theres a Cupola on the ISS, it’s the viewing window looking down on earth.
    Awesome photo :-)


  6. Win-Stone says:

    As an aside………….. and I know this might be a stupid question here but what, architecturally speaking, is the differentiation between a Cupola and a Dome?

    just asking.


  7. Kate says:

    Seeing as you asked…

    A cupola is a small dome. A dome might be topped by a cupola. A cupola won’t have a dome on top of it.


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