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Nov 13

Gardening leave

Tag: I'm Fine,JournalKal @ 11:54 pm

Dear readers.

Trauma Queen is having a mid life crisis and is trying to decide where it wants to go next.

I’m trying to stop it from buying a motor cycle.

In the meantime, here’s some music.

Doo be doooo doodooodoooo.


31 Responses to “Gardening leave”

  1. Linda says:

    It’s been a long time since I checked in here and I came on the day you left…sad face. I will miss you if you stay gone!
    Linda from Michigan USA


  2. PJ says:

    But motorcycles are fun!


  3. Lynda M O says:

    Motorcycles can be good. Used to race them myself.


  4. k8 says:

    *does the head-noddy hold music dance*


  5. Win-Stone says:

    Probably find that the Organ Donor Machine is easier to access than that garden of yours :-)


  6. karen says:

    And how many times have you scraped up bits of motorcyclists off the road and done the body jigsaw? So buy a trike instead! Much more stable and less likely to die on. Cos we dont want you to die or be seriously injured. And if you have a trike you can lots of adventures and come back and tell us your adventures and continue the blog as…. “The Adventures of the Amazing Green Trauma Queen”! There, mid-life crisis sorted for you ;-D


  7. chocks away and all that... says:

    you get one hot lap in a medical car and want to become a boy racer… get a grip man!!! Besides which, you know Fester will do something to the bike as continued payback…


  8. Cheggers says:

    Don’t be long,


  9. Cath says:

    Meh…. don’t get a bike, they’re so last century. Get a plane. Learn to fly. Or be a paramedic somewhere else, like the antarctica, or an oilrig, or….


  10. Libby says:

    Come back to us Kal! We’ll miss you if you go, whatever you do…


  11. Carrie says:

    aaawwww don’t leave us!

    I’ll miss you!



  12. Adam Collins says:

    So… Thinking of upgrading your pushbike to a motorbike? Can I come for a ridealong?


  13. Adam Collins says:

    PS Did you delete the archive on purpose? Sad times if you did, they were an amazing collection of stories!


  14. GrumpyRN says:

    As long as you don’t bleach your hair and get one of those awful mid life crisis surfer dude necklaces.


  15. The Girl says:

    give yourself to the dark side….

    we have cookies!


    chocks away and all that... Reply:

    Cookies?… that’s it, he’s gone…..!!


  16. Amaranthine says:

    Disaster beckons. What can we do to tempt you back?


  17. The Jannie says:

    Don’t leave an empty space in my bookmarks folder!


  18. Heyho says:

    oh *sad face* where have you gone…don’t go xx


  19. Mrs. D says:

    Don’t stop writing, it might just help you through this motorbike-blip. Having said that, motorbikes are great fun ;)


  20. David says:

    whaht? nooooooo.. (or at least come back soon.. ish.. with lots of interesting motorcycle/Scottish/medical/life stories )


  21. Cath says:

    BTW, I know that music. It’s called “Not leaving you now, just taking a break”. Right, Kal? Right??
    Kal, step away from the cookies! The cake is a lie! Nooooooo….


  22. Sapph says:

    Love the blog. Photos/writing whatever. Please come back soon!


  23. Piper says:

    Don’t do it (the motorcycle)…..

    Are you’re not old enough for a mid-life crisis.

    Change the name of the blog, and tell us all your thoughts :)


  24. Peter says:

    Buy the motorbike, they’re huge fun!

    Although, coincidentally, also responsible for the only time I’ve met a paramedic…..


  25. Tom says:

    Don’t go far Kal. Truly one of the most entertaining blogs around.

    Avid reader



  26. Bobbi says:

    Don’t disappear! Please? Your blog’s too awesome for that.

    Love Bobbi x


  27. Oli says:

    No….what’s going to distract me from writing my dissertation. Hope you do come back soon.


  28. Patty says:

    And no archives to read while we wait, impatiently, for you to return!? *wailing*


  29. Jon Richards says:

    If your going to buy a bike make sure you get an all in one so your colleagues don’t have to spend time searching for bits! Alternatively put a business case together and get your service to put one on the road, a couple of lads did it down here and are loving getting paid for biking!!


  30. Wendy Kuramoto says:

    Dear Kal, long time reader here. First thank you for all the life stories
    you’ve shared with us. Your humour, insight and experiences brighten,
    enlighten and educate us and I know that many of us look forward to
    reading your next post. Having said all that, sometimes it’s important
    to sit back and coast for a while. I know I will miss you and the sometimes
    haunting, sometimes uproarious stories but I wish you peace and rest
    and happiness in whatever you need to be doing just now and in the future.


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