Mar 13

“I’m in artillery!”

Tag: PhotosKal @ 10:40 am

Today I have the time to edit photos.

DigitalLouis got big.

Like, properly big.

And what does every five year old need?

Tank goggles, baby.

4 Responses to ““I’m in artillery!””

  1. Win-Stone says:

    Now……. if he had the helmet to go with the goggles……….


  2. Cadbury Moose says:

    Good point, can we get him a lid?



  3. Sewmouse says:

    He really is getting big. I remember photos you took of him when he was just a tadpole…


  4. Fee says:

    He’s growing like a weed! My littlest, at a similar age, had a pair of scuba goggles that she wore until she wore them out. That picture brings back some warm fuzzy memories.


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