Apr 20

Night time.

Tag: JournalKal @ 8:56 pm

My eyes are tired.

Itchy, dry.

They feel like my contact lenses have been in too long.

I keep thinking I should take them out before I go to sleep.

Then I realise I’m not wearing any…and laugh.

Then I realise that you normo-vision freaks have never had the joy of peeling the ‘front’ layer of your eye off and bathing the under layer with cool, clean saline; such as those of us who were contact lenses might.

I’ve also had a few moments of thinking “Oooh, I can’t see well, I’d better put my specs on.”

Do you poor fuckers really spend your days blundering around unable to manually adjust the focus on your eyes?

2 Responses to “Night time.”

  1. the hatter says:

    No reason to give up on the cool, refreshing saline, it’s marketed for the optically unenhanced as well as lens wearers.


  2. MamaBee says:

    Just caught up with your laser surgery saga. I’m also blind without contacts, and have the same reservations you did — *now* they can correct me. What if I end up uncorrectable and have to wear glasses forever? (Because, of course, they’re inconvenient when you live in sunglasses year-round!)

    Hopefully you’re more comfortable soon. And honestly, I do that re-focus thing every damn time they adjust my prescription — which is pretty much every year as I get older. So I would be expecting that from the surgery.


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