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  1. Julia Miller says:

    I’ve been loving your writing and experiences. I couldn’t do your job. I’m too chicken livered. Plus, I have no talent for writing. At least I can read!
    I am coming to Edinburgh September 13-16. I am a pediatric nurse in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I work on a Inpatient Liver/Kidney transplant floor. May I buy you a drink? or dinner. I am traveling with my mom and friend, who is also a nurse. We plan on visiting one of the hospitals. Like to see what’s happening on your side of the sea. I’m on Facebook ( If you can help me/want to meet, please email me @ above address. Hope to meet you while standing!
    Julia Miller


  2. Kyle Barbour says:

    Kal! Did you delete your archive? I’m so sad – I loved your stories, you’re my favorite EMS blogger. Here’s hoping they go back up. Thanks for all of the laughter and tears.

    Kyle, W-EMT, San Francisco


  3. Jenna says:

    Hi Kal, im currently in 6th year in High school in Glasgow and doing my Higher photography at school. Now onto my finial project i have chosen the theme ‘A day in the life of a paramedic’ as my Older sister is one of yous, and i think i could capture some intresting images. When researching photographers i found you! (and my sister told me about ya) so you are my second photographer im inspired by :) obviously need to ask you if its okay, to stick your photos in my sketchbook and be inspired by your photographs. If you could email me to discuss matters further and help me out abit that would be great, thanks


  4. shirah says:

    Sad to see your archive dissappear behind the curtain.
    Your words are missed.
    Hope all is well.


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