Jan 07 2015

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Just cleaned the microwave…think I’m now a fully qualified SORT bod…

Jan 02 2015

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“I’m serious…knock it off…you eat your lunch and I’ll keep looking for age appropriate exploding chicken videos for you.”

Jan 01 2015

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Thanks to Giles and Nicola for fantastic night in seeing the bells. Beach fires and fireworks, cracking food, lovely company. New new year tradition, surely?

Dec 31 2014

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Endless, mindless religious hatred? Boom! Unfriend! Byebye bigot :D

Dec 30 2014

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Having a wee Country Joe and the Fish moment in the house.
“Be the first house on your block to have your boy come home in a box!”

Dec 28 2014

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Does anyone have a tweed waistcoat/jacket combo I could borrow? Highland dress stylee?

Dec 25 2014

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Presents are out, stockings stuffed, tree looks great.
“This is way, way better than sitting in a portacabin, in a swamp, in Basra…”

Dec 22 2014

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Do you know what? I’m just going to do this. Glasgow/ west side people check in please? David John Beggan and clan, Amber Northfield and clan, Macaleish Al and clan? Sarah Corlett and clan?

Dec 20 2014

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Parked in a layby in Sighthill having a wee Pogues party all to myself.
“On the first day of March, it was raining….”

Dec 14 2014

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Venison stew, fresh apple juice, profiteroles.

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