Dec 14 2014

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Early night FTW!

Dec 11 2014

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Boom! Sharing Britain First updates? Unfriend!

Dec 10 2014

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Watching the crystal maze….had forgotten how completely incompetent the contestants always were.

Dec 05 2014

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Quoting lyrics is shit, but I don’t care, I love this.
“Just before our love got lost, you said
“I am as constant as the Northern Star.” And I said
“Constantly in the darkness? Where’s that at? If you want me, I’ll be in the bar.””

Nov 30 2014

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Is having thanksgiving dinner.

Nov 30 2014

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Ahhhh…..goodbye alleged friend who posts horrible misogynistic shite. My feed will be a better place without you. :D

Nov 29 2014

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My first ever Thanksgiving dinner was in Basra. Tonight was my first *real* Thanksgiving. Awesome night, yummy food, lovely company! Thanks to Elizabeth and LaVere Soper for hosting! Xxx

Nov 28 2014

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Kid Walk unboxing! Let the running around the house and trashing stuff commence!

Nov 25 2014

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Home! A mere 28 hours off schedule. Now to discover if my luggage made it.

Nov 24 2014

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Last night, at The Who, the whole team let off some significant steam. To the point that towards the end of the night we looked around and an exclusion zone had spontaneously developed around us. It was at that point that a security guard came and stood in the middle of us. We also gained another new friend, a guy in an event teeshirt who decided he should be in all our pictures and join in our fun.
I spoke to the security guard:
“You’ve been sent to stand next to us, haven’t you? Because we’re bad people?”
“Yes, sir.”
And then to his friend in the teeshirt
“and I think you’re undercover, aren’t you? You’re pretending not to be a security guard, you’re just a regular guy who wants to join us for a crazy party.”
“Yes sir, that’s right.”

I think Bond can sleep easy…

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